Homemade, natural and eco-friendly herbicide to kill weeds

A homemade weed killer, as long as it is natural, that is to say with environmentally friendly, ecological products, is ideal to always have on hand. Weeds or weeds can be good for the garden, as we discussed in another article.

homemade herbicide

The problem arises with certain species which can be very difficult to control and must be brought under control. In this post, you will find a list of natural weed remedies.



Homemade weed killer should be applied only to roadside plants, or in the garden borders, where you will not plant.

It is important to keep this in mind, because the soil when using our natural herbicide will be unusable. Just because it’s natural and environmentally friendly doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect soil fertility, which is after all what herbicides essentially do.

  • Baking soda: Bicarbonate can be used as an ecological herbicide. What is done is sprinkled on the ground or in the cracks. Similarly if you want to delete them in the urban garden Where flower pot.
  • Salt: Add a cup of salt and 2 cups of water, mix well and bring to a boil. Let it cool and you can use this homemade herbicide.
  • The vinegar: Any the vinegar That works. We simply fill a spray bottle and add the juice of one lemon. We spray the leaves of weed plants. It is more effective if we do it on small weeds, which are usually the most difficult to eradicate, and we have to be careful with the crops because we could damage them.
  • Corn flour: It is ideal to apply throughout the garden, just wait for the seeds to sprout, pull out the surrounding weeds and apply to the soil. This flour prevents seeds from growing where it has been applied. Therefore, it is important to prevent it from falling on the ground that we want to be fertile.
  • Alcohol: Spray the leaves of the “weeds” with alcohol. It is preferable to small plants.

Ecological herbicide based on concentrated vinegar...

Ecological herbicide based on concentrated vinegar…

  • ¬ECOLOGICAL HERBICIDE BASED ON VINEGAR: Cereal Alcohol Vinegar concentrated at 20%.
  • ¬ECOLOGICAL PRODUCT: Bioempe 20 Concentrated Vinegar is a herbicide of biological origin, 100% Biodegradable, safe and respectful of the environment.
  • ¬THE MOST NATURAL SOLUTION TO KILLING WEEDS: Vinegar-Based Weed Killer Kills and prevents weeds in orchards and gardens.
  • ¬ NATURAL FUNGICIDE AND BACTERICIDE: Cures and prevents diseases caused by fungi.

Materials that help us avoid weeds

Some materials can be used as padding and help us keep weeds out. They do not replace homemade and natural herbicides, but they can be an ideal complement.

  • Cardboard: It can be placed in the ground where you don’t want weeds to come out or where a mild household herbicide has already been used.
  • black mesh: This method is widely used in agriculture, to prevent unwanted plants from growing around the crop. The plant is simply let out through a hole and the remaining surface is covered.
  • Newspaper : Same function as cardboard, but I prefer the former because it has no ink and is stronger.

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Additional Tips for Using Natural and Organic Homemade Herbicides

ecological herbicide

It is important when using natural homemade herbicides certain things about so-called weeds.

  • Some weeds or weed plants they can be good, I recommend that you read the entry dedicated to these herbs.
  • You should never wait to act when they are already very big because they will produce seeds and it will be much more difficult to eradicate them. Therefore, the sooner we apply the natural herbicide, the sooner we will deal with it.
  • the orchard mulch is your allyIf you apply it, weeds are less likely to sprout around your plants.
  • There are many methods for prevent weeds in our garden, so I recommend that you dive into them as they can be a headache for novice gardeners.

I therefore recommend that you learn more about these plants, recognize which ones are beneficial and how to act in the most respectful and effective way to combat these pests.

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