How is the acacia flower?

The acacia flower is yellow

Image – Flickr/Ferran Turmo Gort // acacia dealbata

The acacia flower grows with the arrival of good weather, although sometimes it can appear before, and what is more, it does so with such energy that it seems to want to hide the leaves to be the one that stands out. Its objective is not always to attract pollinating insects, everything will depend on whether it is hermaphrodite or unisexual, but what can be said is that it costs nothing to fertilize and produce fruits with seeds.

Sometimes we humans take the branches with flowers to make flower sets and decorate the interior of the house. Although these last for a few days, if we change the water daily and avoid exposing them to direct light, we will surely make them last a long time. But, what exactly does the acacia flower look like?


What is the flower of the acacia?

Acacia flowers are yellow

Image – Wikimedia/Alvesgaspar // saline acacia

The flower of our protagonist it is yellow, rarely white, and has the shape of a small ball or a pompom about 1 centimeter wide. It appears grouped in a branched inflorescence and, sometimes, a little pendulous.

It is important that this be clear because there are trees which are known as acacia but they have nothing in commonas is the case with these three:

  • Albizia julibrissinsaid acacia of Constantinople: Its flowers also look like pompoms, but they are white and pink, and are about 2-3 centimeters long. See file.
  • Robinia pseudoacaciacalled false acacia: its flowers are grouped in hanging inflorescences, and are white. See file.
  • the old sophora japonica (now it’s Styphnolobium japonicum), known as Japanese wattle or Japanese wattle: the flowers can be confused with those of R. pseudoacacia, but they have a small green spot on their upper half. See file.

When does the acacia bloom?

The acacia is a tree that blooms in late winter or spring. Everything will depend on the temperatures of the region, as well as the health you have at that time. So, if the temperatures are warm or mild, you can start producing your flowers well before spring arrives; but if there are frosts or snowfall, it will take longer.

Also, keep in mind that if you are thirsty, or if you grow in very compact and/or heavy soil, it will cost you more than if you grow in light fertile soil.

And when does an acacia begin to flower? Again, the answer is: it depends. But if the weather is warm and it is planted in the ground, it can produce its first flowers in one or two years. Of course, with these years it is a very young plant, about 2 meters at the most, and not very branched, so you cannot expect it to be full of flowers, but if it does not lack anything and you feel comfortable, I’m sure it will bloom without difficulty.

However, it is also important for you to know that certain acacias, especially African ones like the acacia tortillasthey take longer to do. Indeed, he lives in a region where the temperatures are not only very high, but where it also rarely rains. Therefore, if you dare to grow them, you must be patient, because it is easy to pass at least 5 years before they flower.

Why is my acacia not flowering?

Acacia flowers are small

Image – Wikimedia/Forest & Kim Starr // Acacia farnesiana

Your acacia is not flowering or has it stopped? Then it’s time to find out what’s going on with him. So let’s see what are the reasons why your tree is not producing flowers:

  • is young: This is usually the most common cause. The acacias most commonly found for sale, such as acacia dealbata Hello saline acaciaThey bloom from an early age, but there are others that take longer. And yet, if it doesn’t get the care it needs, it may take longer to flower.
  • there is no water: the acacia tolerates drought very well, but if you want it to flourish and you live in an area where months can pass without rain, it is worth watering it from time to time. Also, if it is in a pot, it will need to be watered about twice a week in summer, and once a week the rest of the year.
  • He has a lot of water: in the event of frequent watering and/or if the soil remains wet for too long, the leaves turn yellow and then dry out. To avoid this, avoid planting it in compact and heavy soils, and if you have it in a pot, choose one that has holes in its base and fill it with a universal growing medium like this, or with a mixture of peat and perlite in equal parts.
  • It’s in a little jar: if your acacia grows in a pot, if you want it to flourish you must plant it from time to time in a larger pot; that is, whenever the roots come out or grow near the drainage holes. The graft will be done in the spring, so that the tree can recover as quickly as possible.

We hope this article will help you learn more about the acacia flower.

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