The 3 (real) best Black And Decker blowers in 2022

black and decker fan

Indispensable for the maintenance of the garden!

Professional quality, good value for money, with cable or with batteries, find here my selection of best black and decker fans !

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Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

black and decker fan bebl185-qsFor quick cleaning of large spaces, and not necessarily just outside! With its powerful airflow and blowing force reaching 200 km/h, this Black and Decker can be used for all kinds of tasks, whether it’s sweeping up fallen leaves or picking up all the debris and dust. workshop dust. Being electric, it is very easy to use since you just have to plug it in to start it. But it is also easy to hold and handle, especially thanks to its large, well-designed handle. In addition to offering a perfect balance, on this handle is the speed adjustment control to adjust the blow according to the situation: rather light in the delicate zones (around the flowers, small stones) but full power in the malls. With only 3.45 kg on the scale, it’s finally light for less strenuous work!

My opinion : Of all the corded blowers I’ve had the opportunity to try, this model from Black+Decker is the one that quickly became my favorite. In addition to not being expensive at all, I discovered that it had the ability to attract different types of people, both professionals and individuals. Its blower is powerful enough to handle all kinds of jobs (even to dry the car that has just been washed faster), and the advantage of being electric is that it can be easily used indoors. . Outside, its somewhat short power cable necessarily requires the use of an extension cord, but in the end freedom of movement is not lost. Especially since it is very handy and its lightness is another real asset! It’s a good Black+Decker that I recommend without hesitation!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Black+Decker GWC54PC-QW

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

black and decker fan gwc54pc-qwSuitable for the most demanding gardening work, this Black+Decker is distinguished by the presence of PowerCommand technology: just press a button to instantly boost its performance and make it fly up to 195 km/h. Nothing resists him then, not even the wet leaves stuck to the grass! For ease of use, this button is also within easy reach of the thumb, but that’s not the only thing that makes this leaf blower more convenient. For example, it has an ergonomic handle and since it weighs only 4.4 kg with the battery, fatigue in the arms and shoulders is limited. A 1.5Ah battery and charger (165 minutes for a full charge) are also included, but as the device is classified in the DualVolt range, it is also compatible with Black and Decker 54V batteries. Enough to offer the device an extended autonomy!

My opinion : This blower offered by Black+Decker is excellent value for money! It’s very simple: it’s professional quality, half the price of what other brands can offer! I was quite surprised by this device that it really provides: in terms of breathing, it is powerful, and in terms of maneuverability, it is at the top. I particularly like the boost function which is very practical, and since it’s light and cordless, you end up using it all the time, even to catch some weeds on the terrace after passing the trimmer! If with the supplied battery the autonomy is not exceptional, it is generally sufficient to clean the house and the garden. And in addition, you always have the option of opting for longer-lasting batteries. It really is an excellent blower that you will not regret buying!

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

black and decker fan beblv301Much more than a leaf blower to facilitate garden maintenance! With this Black+Decker 3-in-1, you no longer need to pick up: it takes care of it thanks to its suction function, and it even reduces leaves and debris into small pieces thanks to the presence of a grinder. With adjustable speed in its 2 main functions, it adapts perfectly to each task, especially since switching between the two functions is simple. The shredder reduces the volume of green waste up to 16 times and stores everything in its 72 L collection bag, which makes composting easier (especially since the Roll+Click system allows it to be opened and closed easily). Powerful and ergonomic, its flexible hose allows you to feel free to move, while the attachment of the collection bag in backpack mode is essential to prevent muscle pain in the arm.

My opinion : This Black and Decker 3000W clearly does not lack power! In blower mode, it really has no problem removing wet leaves and pine needles, for example. But as with all blowers / vacuum cleaners / grinders, it is above all its versatility that is appreciable, especially since here the device is as effective in suction as in the wind tunnel. With its 2 different tubes, it is not very practical because you necessarily have to go through disassembly/reassembly to switch from one function to another, but after all, you never do both in any case. same time. And the brand has really delivered on this very bulky backpack system: you don’t have to empty it too often, and when you do, it’s super simple! If you are interested in this type of multi-purpose device, this is a good option, especially since it is not too expensive.

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