How is the trunk flower of Brazil?

Brazil's trunk flower is white

The trunk flower of Brazil is very beautiful, so it is worth taking care of the plant as best we know, because it is possible that one day it will be encouraged to produce it. But have you ever seen it? The truth is that when grown indoors and in an area with a temperate climate, it can take a long time to flower.

That’s why we’re going to tell you what are the characteristics of brazil trunk flowerand we will also give you some tips for your plant to produce it.


What are the characteristics of the Brazilian trunk flower?

The water stick flower is white

Image – Wikimedia/Assianir

Brazilwood, also called waterwood or Brazilwood, is an evergreen shrub that grows naturally in tropical Africa. Its trunk is thin and tall, up to 6 meters, and its leaves are green, up to 1 meter long.. The plant itself is very decorative, and can be used both for interior decoration and for patios and terraces in warm weather. But the truth is that when it blooms, it’s even more beautiful.

The flowers are grouped in hanging inflorescences and are very, very fragrant.. Indeed, it must attract the attention of pollinators, such as insects or certain birds, such as the hummingbird. They grow in the spring, or after the dry season if we are near the equator. When potted, it is important that it is planted in a larger one so that it can continue to grow, and incidentally, that it flowers one day.

How many times does the water stick bloom?

It is a plant that it flowers only between two and four times in its lifetime. But when it does, the flowers stay there for seven or eight days, more than enough to take a few pictures of them, although you might want more because they are really beautiful.

Tricks for the trunk of Brazil to flourish

Now that we’ve seen what the Brazilwood flower looks like, it’s time to find out what we can do to make it one day. And the first thing is, without a doubt, to be patient. A lot of patience. As we have said, it is a plant that flowers very few times in its life, perhaps it is better to be satisfied with seeing it in good health, which is already a lot, at least until the when it produces its flowers.

But of course, if he is healthy, it will be easier for him to thrive. For it, it is important to know what to do so that it always looks beautiful, in good health. So let’s go :

It must not lack light or moisture

The leaves of Brazilwood are green.

Brazilian trunk is a shrub that, if we were lucky enough to be able to go to Africa, where it originated, we would still find it growing in places with direct sunlight. For this reason, when grown indoors, do your best to “mimic” the conditions it would experience in its natural habitat. And it goes through place it in a brightly lit room.

For example, I have mine in one where there are two large windows, without curtains, thanks to which there is plenty of light throughout the day. But be careful: it’s not just in front of the windows, because if that were the case, the leaves would burn as the magnifying effect would occur, but rather it is a few meters from them, in a corner of the room.

Moreover, this plant requires high relative humidity, above 50%. This is not a problem in the Balearic Islands: there is so much humidity that the walls need a coat of paint every few years, and even one of my houseplants, the Alocasia goii, every morning if you touch the tips of the leaves, you end up with a drop of water on your finger. Therefore, if you also live in an area with very high relative humidity, something that happens on any island and also if you are near the coast or a river, you have nothing to do about it.

It would be quite another thing if you lived further inland. When the humidity is very low, tropical plants like water stick struggle: Its leaves turn yellow first, then turn brown, and finally dry out completely. To avoid this, it should be watered with rainwater or clean drinking water every day, especially during the summer when it is warmer.

Note: If you want to know the humidity in the house at any time, feel free to buy a home weather station. Today there are some for 20 euros and less. I have one, and the truth is, I couldn’t be happier, because I have the information I want (temperature, humidity) right at my fingertips. For example, you have this at a very good price:

Watch out for drafts

It is healthy to open the windows of the house to ventilate it, and even more so if the humidity inside is very high, because with this simple gesture it is possible to prolong the “lifespan” of the mural. But if these currents are very strong and our brazil is very exposed to them, the leaves will dehydrate and dry out. The same will happen if you are near the fan or air conditioner.

Although the currents generated by electrical devices are much less intense, they are more constant, which reduces the humidity around the plant to a minimum.. Therefore, although the roots do their best to push water into the leaves, this water is quickly lost as the air dries it out.

Overall, the most advisable thing to do is, yes, to open the windows, but if the wind is blowing hard and/or you are one of those who needs to have an electrical device, like fans or air conditioning, turned on during the day, it is better if you put your plant in another room.

Don’t forget to plant it in a larger pot

Transplanting is one of those things that is often overlooked, but it is one of the most important tasks, almost as important as watering. Because? Because a plant that stays in the same pot for years and years comes a time when it stops growing. And growth is life, because through it they become stronger, mature and can adapt better to where they live.

That’s why your brazilwood You will need a bigger pot each time the roots come out of the holes in the pot, and also if when you try to pull it out the earthen bread does not collapse. When the time comes, one should be planted that is about 10 centimeters larger in width and height with a plant substrate such as that of the Flower or Westland brand.

Let the soil dry out a bit before watering again.

The Brazilian trunk is not an aquatic plant. Although one of its common names is “water stick”, it cannot live with its waterlogged roots. For it, it’s not a good idea to plant it in a pot without holes, or to have it in a glass of water. If you want it to be healthy and flower one day, you have to keep it in a pot WITH holes in its base, a quality substrate like the one we mentioned above, and above all: water when she needs it.

How many times will this be? Much will depend on the conditions in the room, but during the summer it may need two or three spaced waterings throughout the week, while the rest of the year we will have to water less because the soil takes longer to dry out completely. Also, if we have put a plate below, we will drain it after each watering.

Fertilize it in spring and summer

Do you want it to bloom? It is therefore strongly advised to pay it from spring until the end of summer. Do it with universal liquid fertilizer like that, so that he looks healthy, grows in conditions and is strong. But be careful: follow the instructions for use that you will find on the packaging.

If you’ve been following us for a long time, you’ll know that I repeat myself a lot with this, but it’s for a good reason: adding more fertilizer than indicated will not help it grow faster, but rather so that its roots burn and die. Now well, if the right dose is added, the brazil trunk will be beautifulYou will see it.

We hope your Brazil trunk will produce its flowers.

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