How often should bromeliad plants be watered? – A PUZZLE

Many factors contribute to the flowering of a bromeliad plant. One of them is the aspect of irrigation. Although simple, many people tend to know how often to water their plants. This striking appearance can hinder or ruin the growth of your bromeliads.

If you’ve had problems with how often you water your plant, how and when should you do it? Then this is exactly what you need.

Have you watered your bromeliad well? You are about to find out.


How often should bromeliad plants be watered?

In general, bromeliads don’t need a lot of water to survive, that doesn’t mean they lack the adequate amount of water they need to thrive and thrive. Professional growers agree that watering bromeliads once a week should be enough

However, this will depend on your environment and the variety of the plant. If you live in an area with low humidity, you may need a humidifier or water your plant more than once.

The ultimate goal of watering your bromeliad is to make sure it isn’t waterlogged or soggy, but moist. Basically, at the end of irrigation, the potting soil should be moist. This is what your bromeliad needs.

How to water your bromeliads

Watering your bromeliad depends on the environment you are growing it in; it can be indoors or outdoors. Whether your bromeliad is outdoors or indoors, you’ll likely use pots or containers.

The soil in your pot should never dry out, this is detrimental to the plant. Make sure the ground is never flooded, but moist. To avoid overwatering, you can also consider drilling or drilling holes in your pot or container; this would help remove excess water.

If your bromeliads are indoors, consider misting the plant in addition to using humidifiers. You can mist using a vaporizer with an atomizer. This way you keep your plant healthy.

Did you know that your bromeliads have a reservoir to store water?

The reservoir is located in the center of the plant; it can also be called a cup. The purpose of this reservoir/tumbler is to store water for the plant. When watering, be sure to fill the tank, but be sure to change the water regularly to prevent stagnation and bacteria buildup. Your bromeliad’s reservoir should never be empty.

What happens if you don’t water well?

If you don’t water your plant enough, it’s either too little or too much water. In the event of a lack of water, your soil would become too dry and your plant would be stunted. To deprive your plant of the water it needs, you must deprive your soil of the nutrients it needs to nourish your bromeliad.

If overwatered, the excess water will accumulate in the soil, causing the stems to rot and damaging the flowers of the plant. A sign that stem rot has occurred is if the leaves begin to turn brown before they wilt.

Tips for Watering Bromeliads

  1. Avoid using a metal container as some harmful elements can seep into the water and affect plant growth.
  2. Check your plant’s soil mix before and after watering; this would help gauge how much water the plant needs.
  3. Always keep the bromeliad tank full and change the water regularly.
  4. If you notice your bromeliad curling around the edges, that’s a sign that it needs water.
  5. If the plant has been overwatered, you can remove it from the pot or container to let it dry out for several hours, then put it back.
How often should bromeliad plants be watered?


There is no perfect time to water your bromeliad. The main thing is to create a schedule that meets the needs of the plant. Also, salt water and bromeliads don’t mix well.

You may want to consider sticking with rainwater, which is the purest water source for your bromeliad. If rainwater is out of reach, use distilled or reverse osmosis water. Reverse osmosis water comes from a process that removes foreign elements and contaminants.

Avoid using tap water as it contains salts that can harm your plant. If this cannot be avoided, be sure to keep the water on for at least a day to reduce the effects of any chemicals present.

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