How to Buy a Quality Purge Hose

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When spring arrives, it is usual to start working in the garden. And if you have a lot of plants, or plan to put some in, a drip hose can be the answer to consistent watering (without you having to worry).

But, Do you know how to buy a sweat hose that meets your needs? And what should you look for when buying it or what are the best brands? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a hand.


The best bleed pipes

Best Sweat Hose Brands

Then we will recommend some brands that have sweat hoses among their products.


We start with Gardena and we must say that it is a leading brand in gardening tools and equipment that offers a wide range of high quality and high performance products. One of the most popular product lines is their collection of drainpipes, which are ideal for efficient and long-lasting irrigation systems.

Are made with high quality materials, making them weather resistant and durable. Plus, they’re designed to be easy to install and maintain. Its system allows water to filter evenly and slowly through the wall of the pipe, allowing precise distribution of water and avoiding waste.


Grüntek is a brand that focuses on the manufacture of garden tools. However, also we find the hoses and their value for money is pretty good.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found much information on this brand, although we know that it is one of the best known among gardening professionals.


Kärcher is a well-known brand in the outdoor cleaning and maintenance tools and equipment market, also offering a range of drip hoses for irrigation. They are a good option for those looking for an efficient and easy to use irrigation solution.

One of the main advantages of Kärcher sweat hoses is their uniform drip technology, which allows precise and constant distribution of water along the entire length of the pipe. They are very flexible and can adapt to any shape of garden. They are also strong and durable, making them suitable for long-term use in the garden.

Sweat Pipe Buying Guide

When buying a sweat hose, you must consider not only your budget, but other factors that are important: the material, the length… But others that are not taken so much into account.

Do you want to know which ones we consider the most important? Check:


Whenever you can, search for pipes made of durable materials that resist UV rays, wear and deterioration from chemicals in water and fertilizers. For example, those made of PVC or polyethylene are usually a good option because they are flexible and durable.


You must take this into account since you must have enough to cover the area you wish to water. We even recommend that you buy a little more for what may happen.


The thickness of the drain pipe affects the amount of water that can pass through it and therefore the amount of water that will reach your plants. Thicker pipes allow more water and are more durable, but they are also more expensive.

water pressure

It is important to ensure that the pipe can withstand the water pressure of your irrigation system. Otherwise, it will be damaged in a short time.

pore spacing

The spacing of the pores in the pipe determines the amount of water that will be released into the soil and water the surrounding plants. SO depending on the irrigation they need, this should be the case.


Regarding the brand, review the reviews of other buyers who have purchased the product you are interested in. This way you will know if it gave a good result or, on the contrary, if it did not.


The price depends on many factors we have mentioned. We cannot give you an estimate in this case as it will depend on the meters you need and the thickness of the pipe.

What is a sweat pipe?

A drip hose is used to irrigate gardens and crops almost autonomously. And it is that it allows the slow, even release of water directly into the soil, near plant roots. Unlike conventional irrigation pipes, which release water in large quantities and quickly, exudation pipes do the opposite through small holes or pores along their surface.

Garden hoses are especially useful for watering plants that need consistent moisture, such as vegetables and fruit crops, and for areas with sandy or dry soils. They are also ideal for gardens with plants that require watering at a specific, controlled frequency.

What are the types?

There are several types of sweat hoses available in the market, and they can be classified according to their features and applications. The most common are:

  • Drip exudation pipes: It has small holes along its surface which allow the slow and even release of water in the form of droplets.
  • Infiltration exudation pipes: They are ideal for areas with sandy or dry soils and for plants that need deep, consistent watering.
  • flat: As the name suggests, they are flat and wide, causing more water to come out of them.
  • Exudation hoses with pressure regulator: Helps adjust the amount of water released along the entire length of the hose.

How does exudation irrigation work?

Weed irrigation is an irrigation method that relies on the use of weed hoses to distribute water slowly and evenly around plant roots. The process works as follows:

  • It’s necessary connect the exudate hose to a water source and extend it to where you want to put it.
  • Then you need to open the water valve so that the water comes out through the pipe.
  • This will slowly release the water through the small holes or pores it has on its surface. The water will seep into the soil and be absorbed directly by the roots of the plants.

Depending on the frequency and the amount of water needed, exudation irrigation can take several hours.

Or buy?

buy sweat hose

Finally, we only have to advise you on the stores where to buy a sweat hose. And what we’ve done is visit the top searched stores on the internet to tell you what you’re going to find.


There are not as many items as with other products, but you are going to have many different types of sweat pipes to consider and choose the one that best suits your needs.

On the price side, there is something for all budgets. Although you should pay attention to the length and whether there are shipping costs.

Leroy Merlin

In the section of Leroy Merlin pipes you can find many varieties. But by looking only for exudants you will find only 3 models.


At Lidl you can find from time to time in the Temporary offers this type of pipe at much more affordable prices. The bad thing is that it is not available all year round, but only in a short time.

Have you already chosen the right sweat hose for you?

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