How to buy a salt chlorinator

salt chlorinator

The summer season is coming and, with it, the preparation of swimming pools to have a refuge to go to when it gets too hot. But with it also the costs of chlorine, of having to measure and calculate and possible allergies when bathing. Why not switch to a salt chlorinator then?

These systems, more efficient and healthier than chemical chlorine, use salt to treat the water. And they are healthier. Do you want us to talk about it? Well said and well done.


Top 1. The best salt water chlorinator for swimming pools


  • Compact control panel.
  • For removable pools.
  • It has an ozone system.

The inconvenients

  • Poor after-sales technical service.
  • It leaks in use.

Selection of salt chlorinators

If you want to have other products to be able to compare them, here we give you others that are interesting and that could help you.

Intex 26668 – ECO salt chlorination system 5 gr/hour

Equipped with a system that produces 5 grams of natural chlorine per hour, it will serve you for removable pools up to 26,500 litres.

It has a four-button control panel and 65W motor power.

50/60 Hz Salt Chlorine Generator

For pools of about 40 square meters, hydromassage pools, swimming pools… It turns on automatically and has a salt level indicator and an alarm in the event of a power failure. device.

It will detect the water level as well as the temperature.

Intex 26680 – Combined Sand Processing System and Salt Chlorinator

In this case we find a purification system, where you have not only salt chlorination, but also sand filtration. It is indicated for raised pools up to 56,800 liters.

It has a motor power of 0.75 hp, a 6-way valve, a pre-filter, a 24-hour programmer and a tank of 55 kilos of silica or glass sand.

Gre SCGPHP100 Salt water chlorinator and pH regulator and dosing pump

Indicated for pools up to 100m3, this system allows pH control and the use of salt as a “healthy” water treatment. It can produce up to 21 grams per hour and is suitable for above ground and in ground pools.

Of course, it is necessary, for this to work well, to maintain about 4 grams of salt per liter.

Bayrol Salt Relax Pro 70 m3 salt chlorinator

It is a salt electrolysis equipment to treat swimming pool water. This device can disinfect from 1.5g/l of salt in the water. It is very easy to handle and its cell has a long life.

It is for pools up to 70m3.

Salt water chlorinator buying guide

Do you want to buy a salt chlorinator? There is no problem because this product pulls more and more, especially because it avoids the problems that chemical chlorines generate on the skin. But you can’t just go to a store and ask for a chlorinator. First, because the person you frequent may have several models in his catalog and he wouldn’t know which one to offer you; and second, because if you order one, it may not meet expectations. Which means it doesn’t work.

Therefore, having the most important factors is essential. You have to know what you are going to use it for, if it is an inground pool, if it is raised… Its size, know the power of the machine… Below we will give you the keys for a good purchase.


Surely, if you have a swimming pool, you know that the amount of chlorine you need to put in it will depend on the number of people who will enter it and the amount of water (volume of cubic meters) it contains, isn’t it? it not?

Well, in this case, to choose the power of an electrolyser, you need to know how many cubic meters of water it has, how many people are going to bathe in it, whether the pool is outdoor or heated (in this case , 25% more water is added). chlorine), hours of use, water temperature and even construction and installation.

All of this will affect potency. And this is reflected in the articles (normally it says “valid from X cubic meters to X cubic meters”).


Another key point to keep in mind is its installation. Some are more difficult to install than others (and will require professionals to install them correctly).

As a general rule, those for above-ground pools are easily placed, but in in-ground or public pools, the help of professionals may be necessary.


We will not deceive you. A salt chlorinator is not cheap. But it’s also not expensive if you compare it to the times when you have to buy chlorine throughout the year or the summer season. It is possible that with an investment the pool can work for years and you will not spend more.

That said, you can find chlorinators from 250 euros, although it is normal for them to reach 350-400 euros. And the most expensive? They will approach or even exceed 1000 euros.

What is a salt water chlorinator used for?

If you have a swimming pool, you may be familiar with this device. Although it is not one of the most used, or that many people have discovered. As you know, when you have a swimming pool, you have to add chlorine to conserve the water; otherwise it will rot. But in order not to have to use chemicals, they brought out salt chlorinators.

Its function is to treat water as if it were chlorine, only instead of using a chemical, what they do is use salt to do so. In this way, the pool is disinfected and the water is well maintained and even better than with chlorine.

Moreover, it is a better solution to avoid skin irritations or for allergy sufferers.

How long does a salt chlorinator last?

The useful life of a salt chlorinator is not too long. You could say that when you make a big investment, what you want is for it to last as long as possible, right? But unfortunately in this case the parts of this device deteriorate.

Normally, the salt water chlorinator can last you several years, but the parts will often need to be changed. In fact, one of the ones you’ll need to make the most changes to is the cells, which have a lifespan of between 5,000 and 10,000 hours.

We really can’t tell you an exact duration date as it will depend on many factors including the hours we have it running, water type, power, etc.

But with this information you can get an idea.

Or buy?

buy salt chlorinator

Now that you know much better what a salt chlorinator is, what it is used for and how long it can last, it’s time to give you some recommendations of stores where to buy it. In this case, we saw two.


At Amazon, we cannot tell you that you will have the same amount of products as other items, because the truth is that you will not. You have the choice, but few models. You also have separate parts and related elements.

But the truth is that as cloners there won’t be many, although there will be enough for you to find the one that best suits what you are looking for.


In the case of Bricomart, you will only have 9 items, all salt chlorinators of different models and powers. Why so little? It is a product that is not used much but those it has are enough to find the one that suits you best.

So do not be afraid if you see so few of them, it is only because with them they cover practically all the needs you could have.

Do you have questions about the salt chlorinator? Do not hesitate and ask us in the comments.

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