How to buy a sprinkler gun

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With spring and summer, the heat arrives and the plants in your garden need you to increase the weekly watering so as not to suffer from the high heat. For this reason, many put a water outlet to which they can connect a hose and a watering gun to facilitate the maintenance of the plants.

But, Do you know that not all weapons are the same? What should you look for when buying one that will last you for years? Don’t worry, here we help you get a quality irrigation gun and use it properly.


Top 1. The Best Irrigation Guns


  • Made of plastic and metal.
  • Dimmable.
  • high pressure

the inconvenients

  • Lose water.
  • Moderate flow.

Selection of irrigation guns

If this first irrigation gun did not convince you, or if it does not correspond to what you expected, take a look at this other selection.

Aqua Control C2079 – Gun 7 forms of irrigation, color green black

It is one of the cheapest Made of both plastic and metal. It has a lockable trigger and adapter, while being ergonomic.

Pack of 2 irrigation guns

In this case, it’s not one gun, but two. They have 8 water adjustment modes and it can be used for both watering and floor cleaning thanks to its high water pressure.

FANHAO zinc alloy garden hose gun with full brass nozzle

Made of brass, metal and zinc, this irrigation gun is heavier than others but at the same time much more resistant. With it you can water but also clean the car, floors, etc.

Gardena Comfort ecoPulse Robot lawn mower for areas < 1250 m²

It has multiple actions, from jet for cleaning to watering. Despite its name, it is actually a spray gun that is also used to clean surfaces. It has the ability to block the trigger.

GARDENA Profi-System Spray lance 3 spray patterns Shower, Strong and Spray

It is compatible with powerful pumps as well as 3/4″ hoses. the The water jet is adjustable and you can choose between shower, jet or spray.

Spray Gun Buying Guide

Buying a spray gun is not looking at which one is the cheapest and throwing it in the shopping cart. So the only thing you’re going to get is when you first use it, you don’t like it and you end up throwing it away. In fact, you have to pay attention to the details because they are the ones who will be able to tell you if it is indeed the best choice or not.

For example, what function are you going to give it? Do you want the water to throw it at you multiple ways or just one? Do you need to regulate the pressure? And that it is made of high quality material? These are questions you should ask yourself before choosing one; especially since it will help you to buy the right one. We explain it to you below.


There are many types of irrigation guns. But you may not have realized it because not all stores have it. Depending on the use you want to give it, there will be some more suitable for certain tasks than others. Therefore, if you want him to water flowering plants or clean the ground with pressurized water, for example, the guns must be totally different.

The flow, the frequency of use, the type of pipe… All of this will influence the election.

In general, you will find the following:

  • Rear trigger pistols. They are the ones that allow progressive water pressure depending on how hard you press this trigger. The problem is that they don’t resist much and often they don’t give you more watering options (they give you more).
  • With rotating nozzle. These irrigation guns allow us to regulate the water by turning its nozzle and are durable.
  • of disk. They are very popular because it’s like having multiple weapons in one. What can you do with them? Well, several things: put the water in soaking, in jet, in shower… As you can imagine, these are the most expensive.


In the materials, it is not that there is a great diversity of them, but rather little choice. But you have to consider the types that exist.

Concretely, there are 3 materials:

  • Plastic. They are the cheapest, the lightest and the most purchased. But they are not durable and you may need to take more care of them or change them often.
  • Metal. These are designed to last a long time and are also corrosion resistant. As a negative point is the fact that they can weigh more. Among the materials used for these are aluminum, brass and zinc.
  • Plastic and metal. They are a combination of both elements. The problem is that they are the most expensive on the market.


Let’s come to the price and, as you know, a spray gun is not too expensive. But not cheap either. What will it depend on? Keys we gave you before. If you are looking for something cheap, for 2-3 euros you will have them, but if you need a more “powerful” gun, then the price can be equal to or more than 20 euros.

Or buy?

buy a watering accessory

You already know what to look for, and we have offered you a range of more or less affordable prices for all budgets. So what you need to do now is know where you are going to be able to find variety so that you have more buying options.

And for that, we have reviewed these stores:


is the one This gives you more variety, but the prices, depending on the products, can be more expensive than in other stores. Our suggestion is that when you find the product, check the search engines a bit to see if you find any stores that have it cheaper. If not, you already know they have it on Amazon.


At Bricomart we cannot say the same as at Amazon, that you have several models to choose from, because the reality is that you have very few options. Although we get 6 products from your search engine, if we remove gun accessories, we are left alone with 4 models to choose from (the fifth is a pipe game and the sex is a prop).

In physical stores, we do not know if there will be more options.

Leroy Merlin

Concentrating solely on pistols, at Leroy Merlin these they are mixed with the irrigation lances, which are actually also guns but they release the water in a different way as usual in pistols.

It has several models and all at very affordable prices, so it is a worthy rival to Amazon models.


Lidl has the problem that the offers it brings are temporary and they are not always physically available in stores. However, online you can buy it and you may have more opportunities to buy it at any time of the year, so of all the stores this is where you have it the cheapest (but you won’t have many choices and it might not work for you).

Have you already opted for your suitable irrigation gun?

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