How to buy an artificial grass vacuum cleaner

artificial grass vacuum cleaner

Having artificial grass saves you from many problems. But even if they are less, maintenance is one of the tasks you need to do often to keep your lawn healthy and not deteriorating anytime soon. To help you, how about getting a synthetic lawn vacuum cleaner?

You can use it to pick up dead leaves, dust, to brush it… There are actually many uses. But to make a good purchase, you need to know what to look for. And that’s what we’re going to talk about next. Go for it?


Best Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaners

The best artificial grass vacuum cleaner brands

Instead of giving you products that you might be interested in, this time around we think it’s best to tell you about some of the brands you can find on the market so you know a bit about their career and if they are good.


Einhell is a German brand specializing in garden tools and equipment. In its product catalog, it offers a range of vacuum cleaners for artificial grass that are very popular with customers.

Einhell artificial grass vacuum cleaners have an ergonomic and practical design that makes them easy to use and transport. Most models are electric and have a powerful motor that guarantees good suction and efficient cleaning of the lawn.

In addition, they are usually accompanied by a accessory kit including different nozzles and tools for more precise cleaning and deep into hard-to-reach areas. Another advantage is its ease of use and maintenance. Most models are equipped with an easy-to-empty collection tray and an easy-to-remove and clean collection bag.


In the case of Skil we are talking about a brand of power tools and home equipment with a wide variety of products in its catalog. When it comes to artificial grass vacuum cleaners, Skil offers high-quality, high-performance models.

Skil artificial grass vacuum cleaners have a powerful motor and good suction capacity, allowing effective cleaning of the lawn. Many models are equipped with wheels for easy movement and a carrying handle for easy loading.


Finally, Miele is a well-known German brand specializing in the manufacture of high-quality household appliances and cleaning equipment. But you can find vacuums for different uses, including artificial grass.

These have a powerful motor and excellent suction capacity. They also have different power levels and speeds to adapt to different types of dirt and surfaces.

Guide to buying an artificial grass vacuum cleaner

Now that you consider the main brands, and the ones that are most recommended when buying an artificial grass vacuum cleaner, do you think the decision will be easier? Not really because, besides your budget and brands, there are other aspects you need to pay attention to. We discuss this below.


There are different types of artificial grass vacuums, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The two main types are: the handheld vacuum cleaner and the electric vacuum cleaner.

Now, the manual vacuum cleaner is the cheapest, but also the one that can tire you the most because you will have to handle it yourself and do all the physical effort with it. On the other hand, the electric vacuum cleaner is easier to use, and they are generally powerful, but they are also more expensive and can often deteriorate quickly if not properly maintained.


Be sure to buy a brand you trust or at least one that you have found favorable reviews for from other people who have purchased and tried it. Of course, if you find everything good about a brand and not a single hit on what it does wrong, don’t trust it 100% either. Because there is always something they can improve.


As for the price, the truth is that you can find them, electric, from 150 euros. As for the manuals, they are basically a brush, so they are much cheaper, but they are no different from a brush and a dustpan themselves.

How is artificial grass vacuumed?

Do you really think it is difficult to vacuum artificial grass? Quite the contrary. Now, if you tried it and didn’t get good results, maybe it’s because you didn’t do it right.

And it is that steps for vacuuming artificial grass They are:

  • Clean the surface of the lawn by removing large objects such as branches, leaves, stones, debris… You can do this by passing the front brush.
  • Then you have to adjust the vacuum according to the size of the area you want to vacuum. If, say, it’s small, a manual might be worth it, but if it’s large, you’ll end up with an electric or gas-powered one sooner.
  • Vacuum in all directions to make sure you pick up any dirt and dust that may have accumulated.
  • When you’re done, clean the vacuum’s filter and wipe it dry.

And you will have your own lawn!

How to clean dog urine from artificial grass?

If you have pets, your lawn may become their personal urinal, and in the end you encounter bad odors or dampness that you don’t want to walk on.

To prevent this, and at least clean dog pee from artificial grass, what we recommend is the following:

  • Wet the area with water to eliminate the urine as quickly as possible.
  • If you notice that there is still an odor, you may need to use a mixture of soap and water and brush the grass to remove any stains and bad odor that may remain. Other options are products sold that specialize in this area (and some also prevent dogs from urinating again).
  • If the stains and odor continue to appear then you will need to try removing them with ammonia, although we leave this as a last option as it can damage the artificial turf.

Or buy?

buy artificial grass vacuum cleaner

The last thing to consider when buying an artificial grass vacuum cleaner is where you are going to buy it. You must not only take into account the guide that we have mentioned before, nor the use that you are going to make of it, but also the guarantees that the store can offer you to buy it there and not elsewhere. Since this is an electronic device, which can be damaged by use, the more warranty you have, the better.

In general, in the most searched stores on the Internet for this product, here is what you will find:


We cannot tell you that on Amazon you will find many vacuum cleaners for artificial grass, because Compared to other products, the truth is that there are hardly any. But you are going to find more quantity compared to other stores.

Of course, the accessories are mixed in with the vacuums themselves, so you’ll have to spend some time finding the right one (or a few to make the final decision later).

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin vacuum cleaners for artificial grass they are in sweepers and lawn mowers. Here you will be able to find some varieties, but the truth is that they are very few and all at high prices (because they are all electric).


At Lidl, you might be lucky enough to catch one of its temporary offers which allow you to have an artificial grass vacuum cleaner for a fairly affordable price. Plus, they’re usually quality brands, so you shouldn’t have any issues with them if you use them correctly.

Have you already opted for your synthetic lawn vacuum cleaner?

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