How to Buy Irrigation Sprinklers

irrigation sprinklers

when you have a big garden and it’s warm, having to water this stretch of land every day exhausts you. We know it. You could spend that time on many other things. But of course, what if we told you that you can do it? buy some suitable irrigation sprinklers, you could get it.

Don’t know what to watch out for? Nothing happens, we give you a hand recommending sprinklers and, incidentally, giving you the most important keys that you must take into account to buy one. Dark!


Top 1. Best Irrigation Sprinkler


  • Designed for medium sized lawns and rectangular gardens.
  • Adjustable sprinkler.
  • 16 sprinkler nozzles.

The inconvenients

  • Made of The plastic breaks easily.
  • Lime seals nozzles.
  • It can be moved and will not fulfill its role.

Selection of irrigation sprinklers

We know that a single irrigation sprinkler may not be able to fit your needs. It will work for some and not for others. Therefore, here are some other examples you might consider.

Aiglam 360 Degree Rotating Automatic Water Sprinkler

This irrigation sprinkler can rotate 360º and It has 3 adjustable arms, each of them with 3 rows of nozzles. In total, you will have 36.

It has a watering distance of 10 meters and sprays with 80 PSI water pressure.

GARDENA Vario Comfort Round Sprinkler

It is used for surfaces up to 225 square meters and a maximum spray range of 8.5 m.

The degrees can also vary between 90 and 360º, in steps of 45º.

It sticks to the floor and keeps it fixed on it so you don’t have to worry.

Gardena 6 Boogie Classic Surface

It is a universal system with 6 different contours. This means that it can be watered in 6 different ways: circular, semi-circular, square, rectangular, elliptical or point jet.

It can be placed on slopes or uneven ground as it stabilizes.

GARDENA Aqua S Oscillating Sprinkler

With oscillating irrigation, it serves to evenly water small lawnswhether square or rectangular, from 90 to 220 square meters.

Simply connect the sprinkler to the hose and let it go. It can also be adjusted between 7 and 17m.

Gardena sprinkler 8141-20

It is an impulse sprinkler with a tip that is very easy to use. It even allows several sprinklers to be connected in a row to irrigate a larger area of ​​the garden.

May adjust the spray range between 5 and 12.5 m.

Irrigation Sprinkler Buying Guide

Irrigation sprinklers are one of the easiest ways to water, as well as cheap, which is why many opt for this option when they have a lot to water and don’t want to stay up all the time until they’re done.

If this happens to you too and you have tried them, you may have encountered two situations: first, it went well for you and you currently have this irrigation system; and two, the most common, that it didn’t work for you.

Believe us if we tell you that It’s not because they don’t serve you, but because you may not have considered certain features principles that you must respect for your garden. Shall we tell you what they are?


Don’t be fooled. There are many types of irrigation sprinklers, and they will match the irrigation you want to provide your plants.

For example, Do you have manual sprinklers? that they need you to turn on the water tap for them to work but, in addition, you also need to locate them.

On the other hand you have drip, that they are ideal for crops that do not need as much water but need enough to be nourished; or low pressure.

Before buying the first one you see, we recommend that you analyze what type of irrigation is best for your garden or plants and thus the purchase will be more successful.


As for the size, keep in mind that if you have a square meter of garden and you buy a sprinkler of only 1 centimeter, no matter how much you want it, it will not have the capacity to water everything. Depending on the area you want to water, the sprinkler should be larger or smaller.

Even when it is very large, it is better to have two or more sprinklers rather than just one, because this way you ensure that the water reaches all corners.


Depending on the material it is made of, type and size, the price will vary. But the truth is that in general it is usually not too expensive, quite the contrary.

The average price of irrigation sprinklers is around 15 euros.

How does an irrigation sprinkler work?

Irrigation sprinklers are one of the simplest tools for easily watering the garden. They still do it as if it were natural rain because what it does is shoot the stream of water using a slight air pressure which allows the water to fall under forms small drops, nourishing the entire garden where you place it.

In this way, it’s like it’s raining on the plantsonly that what is actually done is to take the water from the pipes and distribute it that way.

How many square meters does a sprinkler cover?

Typically, irrigation sprinklers cover a extension of 8-10 x 8-10 meters of garden. But the truth is that in reality it is not like that. There are Many factors can influence this result. such as wind from one side or the other, water pressure, etc.

Some experts recommend overlapping sprinklers because if you notice when one is in operation it does not irrigate the area it is in but around it and that is why if there is there is another one that allows this part to be watered, it is much better.

Or buy?

irrigation sprinklers

Now that you have more ideas for buying irrigation sprinklers, why not get to work and recommend stores? No sooner said than done!


Amazon is one of the stores where else to find more variety in terms of sprinklers, so you have a high probability of buying the right one for your garden.

As for the prices, you have to compare them because there are times when some are more expensive in this store than buying them from third parties.


At Bricomart you will find sprinklers of various types, both surface and those planted in the ground and they go almost unnoticed (although they must be connected to a hose for them to work).

On the price side, they look pretty cheap.

Leroy Merlin

Known at Leroy Merlin as surface sprinklers, they allow connection to the hose with virtually no installation.

There is a good variety, since there are about 40 products and their prices are not too expensive. Also in another section you will find other types of floor sprinklers.


Lidl is one of the cheapest stores you can find, but it has a problem: they don’t always have the products in the stores. In fact, many of them download them online and you can enjoy them, but others you have to wait for the season to come and you can buy them.

In the case of sprinklers, it has only 1 to 2 models to choose from and one standard size. But if you need more variety, you won’t get it here.

Do you already know which irrigation sprinklers meet the requirements you need? Then it’s time to go out and buy them.

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