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Summer is the season when you can rest and relax thanks to the holidays. But also on a daily basis, when you get home, you can enjoy going out on the balcony, patio, terrace or garden, lying on deckchairs and sunbathing or simply disconnecting from the day for a bit.

If you are thinking of having your own deckchairs but you are not sure if you need to consider a key to make the right purchase, we will give you a hand so that you can achieve it.


Top 1. The best deck chairs for the garden


  • Made of metal.
  • Zero gravity.
  • Powder coated for added strength.

The inconvenients

  • Doesn’t hold much weight.
  • It doesn’t hold up outdoors.
  • Reduced shelf life.

Selection of lounge chairs

In the market you can find many types of deck chairs, so you have plenty to choose from. Here is a selection.

Folding beach chair with cushion

The maximum weight of this chair is 100 kilos and it is a low chair for the beach. Its controls are 48×45.5×84 cm and it is made of aluminum and textilene.

It has five different positions which are adjusted with the armrests.

Aktive 53983 – Folding beach chair

It is a low chair, 66x58x80cm. It folds up easily and can be turned into a backpack, so it takes up very little space.

VOUNOT Garden Multi-Position Folding Sun Lounger

It has a maximum load of 120 kilos and is made of a metal and textile structure (it is breathable so as not to accumulate heat). It can be adjusted from 90 to 127 degrees and is easy to carry.

KitGarden – Folding Garden/Terrace Rocking Lounger

This curious rocking lounge chair is foldable and has an ergonomic and comfortable design. It is both water and sun resistant and includes a cushion.

Lafuma Relax lounge chair, Folding and adjustable

It is a chair available in different colors and with a size of 88x68x115 cm. It is easy to clean and store.

It offers an angular inclination of 127 degrees and supports a weight of up to 140. The armrests are padded and it is ergonomic, in addition to having an adjustable and removable headrest.

Lounger Buying Guide

Although it may seem like buying a lounge chair is easy, it is not. And it’s not because sometimes you buy something and after using it for a while you’d rather sit on something other than that. Or even worse, don’t sit anywhere and crack it.

Since we want the money you spend to have value and pay off, why not help you buy a sun lounger? Here are some important keys.

Type (h3: folding, with backrest, etc.)

If you’re just looking around to see the types of sun loungers on the market, you might not know what to choose. And there are many types and all of them can be good or bad depending on the use you are going to give them. But, in general, the best sellers are:

  • With a back: those with a back that can be placed as desired (within your limits).
  • Foldable: to be able to store them and not take up space, or transport them more easily.
  • With wheels: Normally these always go to the back to be able to lift it and not have to support it to the weight but it can slide on the surface.
  • With sun visor: To avoid direct sunlight at head level.
  • Inflatables: They are more delicate because they can be easily pierced and do not resist any weight because they can burst. In addition, being rubber, they stick more.


Wood, plastic, steel, wrought iron, rattan, fabric… the truth is that there are many materials from which lounge chairs can be made. That’s why there is so much variety.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, plastic burns when heated, and in winter it is very cold. The same goes for steel or wrought iron. On the other hand, wood is more resistant but, over time, and especially water, it can expand and split, which ends up hurting you in the end. Something similar happens to rattan. And the web passes with the sun.

Which to choose then? It will depend on what you are going to use it for.


Finally we have the price and here is a great range since, from 20 euros, we can already find deckchairs. Of course, the quality or comfort we cannot guarantee, especially after two or three uses. As for the most expensive, these would easily exceed 100-150 euros.

To doWhere to put the deck chairs?

One of the usual doubts after buying a sun lounger is finding the right place for it. You should keep in mind that bad weather, such as sun, rain, etc. They can deteriorate the materials and if they are not resistant, they will end up breaking in less time than they should.

Therefore, depending on their characteristics, you must locate them in:

  • Protect the areas from the elements, and protect them even if there is a time when you are not going to use them. This way you protect them and they will last longer.
  • Protected areas even when it comes to resistant materials. You may buy quality sun loungers, with protections against the sun, the cold, the rain… but that does not mean that you do not protect them to prolong their life. In fact, it’s the best thing you can do as well as give them maintenance to keep them looking good.

Regarding the location, we recommend placing them in shaded areas and, only when you are going to use them, placing them in a sunnier or semi-shaded area. Of course, be careful if you put it on the lawn because the legs will be marked and if you leave it for a long time, when you remove it, it will leave holes with dead grass, disfiguring the whole.

Or buy?

buy lounge chairs

You already know what to look for (beyond price and looks). But the next step you need to take is to know where you are going to buy these sun loungers.

Don’t worry, we’ve analyzed a few stores and here’s what we think.


This is where you will find a more complete catalog. But also more price and more time between one and the other (i.e. they can take more or less time to send it to you).

As for prices, some may be too high for what they are, especially since they do not differ from the materials or types of other cheaper ones. So our recommendation is that once you’ve picked the one you like (or more), compare outside of Amazon in case it’s cheaper.


At Decathlon there are not many sun loungers, although they have different models to choose from. They have both pendants and those placed on the floor, so you can vary a bit in terms of other more common designs you find.

Regarding the prices, some are a bit expensive, but you would have to see the material they are made of and the characteristics to know if it is worth it or not.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin, we focused on deckchairs when researching because it’s the closest thing to other stores. They don’t have many models, but they are affordable in terms of price.


Finally you have Lidl which, although it does not leave you with many models to choose from, also has the problem that the deckchairs belong to temporary products in the store. In other words, we cannot buy it whenever we want.

On the Internet you will have it easier, but not all models; only some allow you to buy online; others you will have to wait for them to arrive at the store to get them.

Have you already chosen your favorite sun loungers?

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