How to choose the best gardener (or become one)

Choosing a gardener is harder than you think. The objective, in fact, should not only be to identify a good gardener, but also a professional capable of meeting the specific needs of each one.

Skills _ The gardener must be competent, it is obvious. However, you must be specialized in exactly the task for which you have been contacted.

aesthetic taste . The gardener cultivates and manages a green space for purely ornamental purposes. It is therefore entirely legitimate to expect the gardener to be endowed not only with technical skills, but also with a certain aesthetic sensibility.

interaction skills . The aim of the gardening activity must be to satisfy the desires of the customer, also and above all from an aesthetic point of view. To achieve these objectives, the gardener must be able to communicate effectively with the client and understand his requests.

the price _ The gardener is independent. You therefore have a very wide margin of appreciation regarding your price. All this, of course, taking into account the limits dictated by the market, and by the need, on the one hand, to be accessible to the customer and, on the other hand, to be competitive with respect to colleagues. It is best to ask for more quotes.

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But if you have the time and the inclination, why not be our own gardener?


How to become your own gardener?

Over the years the gardening hobby has become more and more popular, many enthusiasts prefer to relax tending to their garden rather than reading a good book or listening to their favorite music. Indeed, according to various studies, gardening would help to regain the calm and tranquility lost due to the frenetic rhythms imposed from day to day.


According to a study conducted by the Uppsala University in Sweden, cultivate a vegetable garden or maintain a garden could prolong life especially middle-aged people, who could keep fit through the gardening hobby, leading to a better state of health.

To begin to take his first steps in the world of gardening, however, it is Having the right tools is essential. so that the pleasant hours you spend in your garden do not become particularly stressful. Each garden tool must be used specifically for a specific task, indeed, there are pruning tools or useful tools for picking fruit.

Cultivate a vegetable garden or maintain a small allotment garden it can become a really pleasant activity, even quite simple, provided you have the right gardening tools, useful for carrying out each specific task with less effort.

It’s fundamental choose carefully useful garden tools for the maintenance of your garden or garden, which must be absolutely of quality but above all light, are generally the quality tools that last the longest. If you are looking for the best value for money, you can search

List of must-have garden tools

  • Shovel: It is one of the most important garden tools, useful for both digging and removing soil, especially on fairly large plots. A quality shovel will be made of resistant stainless steel with wooden handles, certainly more expensive than common shovels but much more resistant to the passage of time.
  • Rake: ideal for leveling the ground but especially for preparing the flowerbeds of your garden, it is essential that the rake is balanced with at least 10-14 teeth and above all that it is particularly light
  • Seeder: It is mainly used for planting salads and bulbs, it is used to make a hole in the ground where the seedling will then be inserted, but it is also used to compact the soil after transplanting around the roots.
  • Pair of scissors: small tool but comfortable to use and above all indispensable for the maintenance of your garden. Investing in good scissors is essential, especially because of the better quality given by their lightness, but also because of their shape, which must be absolutely ergonomic, with sharp blades to facilitate the pruning of stems and small branches.
  • Scissors and secateurs: with particularly sharp blades, they are ideal for cutting the largest or most difficult to reach branches, ideal for adjusting the shape of trees.
  • Mountain chain: It is essential to choose the shape of the saw which must be compact in order to more easily reach the most difficult branches.
  • Crusher: essential garden tool for clearing pruning debris and leaves especially for growing fruit trees, since infected fronds left on the ground for a long time could become a source of inoculum for subsequent years, the shredder speeds up definitely such a fundamental process step
  • Workbook: a special clamp needed to attach branches or plants to the stakes.
  • Sprayers or foggers: plants can often be attacked by various pests, these tools are necessary to defend the plant with the help of solutions containing pesticides that must be sprayed on the plant.
  • Coglifrutta: essential tool for those who decide to grow fruit trees, this tool that consists of a bag with steel teeth applied to a pole, is very useful for picking up hard-to-reach fruit
  • hoe: It may seem trivial but the hoe is perhaps one of the most important tools to take care of your garden.
  • Risk system: undoubtedly the most important phase for the health of a garden but especially of an orchard, a garden tool capable of watering your orchard even in your absence.

Admittedly, the range of gardening tools is decidedly wide, the choice that should guide us in the purchase of the tool is dictated above all by its quality Yes manageability but it is also essential to consider the level of experience that you have in the treatment of various plants or for the maintenance of your garden in general.


Many tools listed may be present in the market whether plastic, metal or fiber glass, but must strongly favor the use of gardening tools metal CE , especially if they are to be used to perform gestures of particular force, usually for high maintenance work, while plastic tools can be opted for if the operations do not require much effort.

All garden tools can be particularly dangerous it is therefore important do not use them inappropriately . In fact, it is not recommended to use pruners to prune a thicker branch than indicated, as it could be really dangerous for the novice gardener.

the blades used They must be suitable for the type of cut to be made, therefore oscillating blades will be necessary for dry branches, while if green branches have to be pruned, through blades must be opted for, acting otherwise could cause damage to the gardener, but especially everything to the branch of the tree that we prune.

The blades used for bush pruning however the trees must be scrupulously disinfected to avoid the transmission of diseases from one plant to another, it will therefore be necessary to clean them carefully using a disinfectant with a cloth, also cleaning the various teeth of the blades. .

But how do you maintain your garden?

Whether in the coldest or warmest months, whoever chooses to cultivate a vegetable garden or an orchard must take care of their garden with the necessary precautions, paying attention to the size according to the type of plant chosen, but also taking into account sudden changes in temperature, protect plants from excessive cold and heat, control irrigation.

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