How to buy original garden fences

How to buy original garden fences

It is increasingly common to have small houses (whether single-family houses, chalets, etc.) with a bit of a garden. Fences are used to delimit the space. But what if you want to buy original garden fences?

Yes you want to stand out from your neighbors and give your home a striking and above all original and creative new lookhow about taking a look at what we have prepared for you?


Top 1. The best original garden fence


  • Made of metal.
  • Flexible to install.
  • Weather resistant.

The inconvenients

  • Missing parts in some lots.
  • Change of items when sending.
  • Bad quality.

Selection of original garden fences

As we know the first choice might not be your favorite, how about taking a look at these other quirky garden fences? There is surely one that catches your attention.

Acan Plastic Forte – flexible plastic garden fence

Brown in color, this the fence measures 32.5 x 60 x 0.7 centimeters. Only one comes, so you’ll have to buy several depending on what you want to cover with it.

It’s not too high, but it’s enough to separate the environments.

Amagabeli 46CM X 43CM X 35PCS Decorative Iron Garden Fences

In this case we are talking about the original 46 x 43 centimeter garden fence, although there is also the 81 x 43 centimeter one. In this case, you will have 35 strong pieces. Each has two stakes to easily secure it to the ground and prevent it from moving or falling.

They are Weather resistant thanks to its galvanized steel construction. In total, you can use them for an area of ​​15 meters.

SARSTRY Metal Garden Fences, Decorative Garden Fences 10 Pieces

These fences, which come in a pack of 10 pieces, have dimensions of 60 x 32 centimeters. It has an 18cm connection.

The the surface is vinyl-PVC and has a powder coating applied so that it can last longer.

This fence is collapsible and can be installed or uninstalled according to your needs.

Amagabeli Decorative Iron Garden Fences 60cm x 300cm

These decorative fences are in the 60×60 format in a pack of 5 panels, which allows a Approximate length of 3 meters. It is made of steel and is strong and durable. In addition, it is welded, galvanized and powder coated.

LUVODI metal garden fences

They are very striking original garden fences, due to the fact that they have the drawing of some branches from which leaves come out. They look aesthetically very decorative and will allow you to create a classic, but, at the same time, ornate fence.

The dimensions of the product are 61 x 3 x 70 centimeters and it comes in a set of five pieces.

Guide to buying an original garden fence

Wanting a unique garden fence can be easier said than done. And it is that when you go to look for them, the normal thing is that the classics appear, or those that after a while you are going to find, either at neighbors, or at friends, etc. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be found. They are there!

But To buy them, before looking only at their appearance, other things must be taken into account. For instance:


Size should not only refer to its size, but also its extension. Imagine you need a fence for your garden because you have dogs and you don’t want them inside. You buy a nice fence and when the time comes to put it up, it turns out that your dog, taking a little jump, enters the garden.

Along with the size, please note:

  • The height of the fence. If you want original garden fences that cover well, go for the big ones.
  • The length of the fence. They are usually sold in pieces, so you can cover any length you want. But be careful if in the end you have to “adapt” the last pieces.


Another important point in the purchase is the material from which the fences are made. If you are going to leave it outside, or it will be in an area with lots of water or it is watered very often, it will be necessary to take into account that, for it to last, the materials must be of quality.

If, on the other hand, it will be in a more protected area, then you can play with other materials.

But in general, most original garden fences are made of iron, metal, etc.


Regarding the color, although the normal thing is to put them in black, it does not mean that there is only this color. You can also find them in green and even brown.

However, in other colors it can be a little more complicated to achieve. But you could always spend an afternoon painting it.


Finally, we come to price, perhaps one of the most determining factors when choosing one fence or another. In general, quality fences, made of iron, you can find them from 25-30 euros. But you have to keep in mind that they are by the piece or by the lot of pieces, so you will have to calculate the number you need first to know exactly what it will cost you.

From this price you can find much more expensive (and obviously with better materials, quality and originality) or cheaper (and classic).

Or buy?

How to buy original garden fences

As we know that sometimes you do not have time to review the different options that the market offers you, we have done a search of the main stores, those that are most sought after in relation to this product. That’s what you’ll find.


Although it gives you many options, you should keep in mind that It doesn’t have as much variety as with other products. That said, you will need to filter the results to get the ones that will serve you the most.

As for their prices, they are not bad in some cases; in others a little swollen.

Brico Depot

We can’t tell you that you’re going to find a lot of variety here, because They only have four options and all of them are classic. Looking for decorative fences for the garden, nothing comes up.

Leroy Merlin

You will not find variety either at Leroy Merlin, because only They have five models, and all of them, as was the case before, more classic than original. Actually only “decorative” we found on Amazon. In other stores they go as usual.

Have you already opted for these original garden fences?

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