How to create our own garden in our house?

Very little space is needed to create a small urban garden : Let’s find out what are the steps to transform the garden into a vegetable garden.

Who wouldn’t want to always have their favorite herbs on hand, or a crunchy fresh-picked salad, or tender, juicy strawberries? All of this is possible by growing these things in a small vegetable patch created in your own backyard.Indeed, even if you live in the city, it takes very little space to create a urban mini-garden where you can grow small fresh vegetables and fruits.

If what you want is to know how to make a homemade garden, do not lose detail of all the tips that we teach you below:

What is the most important thing to create our garden at home?

The first is, of course, choose the domain in which to create the garden and then cleans carefully, removing stones, wild bushes, weeds and, if necessary, even debris. Once the floor has been cleaned, it will be necessary work with a shovel take the game thoroughly.At this point, the board is define area in which we want to create our mini garden. Of course, the fence will need to be proportionate to the space, so even simple planks of wood can suffice. This little trick will make it possible to organize the garden space, but above all to protect it from “curious” 4-legged visitors, but also from children’s balls!However, before proceeding with fencing, it is important to carefully assess the garden for a area well exposed to light and easy to water.

how to plant a garden at home

Once all this has been established, before starting to sow, it is recommended fertilize the earth . The fertilizer indeed, will favor the development of the bacterial flora and the humus essential to the life of plants and the quality of finished garden products.The choice of fertilizer will depend on the type of plants and vegetables we intend to grow.Obviously, soil preparation will be necessary even if you have very little space and therefore prefer to create a urban garden in pots That is on pallets on wheels to be moved as needed and according to the light available.

Regarding the choice of varieties to cultivate it is better to opt for essences that are easy to handle such as lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, radishes, beets, carrots, peas, spinach and peppers. Think also of aromatic herbs and, why not, also of medicinal plants such as aloe vera .In any case, the advice is to contact a nursery, where specialized personnel can give the appropriate advice on the most suitable vegetables and fruits for the season and the region in which we live, as well as the type of diet eating. needed to grow them abundantly.

At this point, having prepared the ground and chosen what to grow, we can finally begin to sow .As a general rule, most vegetables should be sown between March and April, although there are of course profound differences between the different varieties: just follow the instructions on the packaging of the different seeds.It is also important that each plot of land is used for a specific vegetable . If, on the other hand, we have decided to grow in pots, we will have to dedicate a special one to each particular species.Once planted, we will only have to wait for growth, taking care to water it every day.

If you are still not sure, I recommend you to visit this home and gardening blog, where we will find very interesting tips that will help you take your home garden to another level.

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