How to get rid of green aphids on roses

Green aphids harm roses

Aphids are like lice or fleas: small, but terribly annoying. There are several types: yellow, brown, orange,… but those that damage roses the most are, by far, the green ones. And of course, since they have the body of this color, which is the same as that of the leaves, when they are rare they can go unnoticedsomething that suits them very well, since they have the possibility of reproducing and feeding on the sap of the plant without anyone bothering them.

Thus, the problem worsens in a few days, especially if we are in the middle of summer, because the heat keeps these insects very active. So that, How to get rid of the green rose aphid? Recovering our bushes will not be easy or quick, but from experience it is possible to eliminate the pest if we apply the correct treatment.


When do green aphids appear?

how they like the heat green aphids take advantage of warm days to breed, feed and grow. They are tiny animals, with bodies less than 0.5 cm in length, green in color and black legs at the end of their development. Although they live for a short time, about three weeks, females are capable of producing a dozen young per day. That is why, if one day we see a specimen, we must apply a treatment at that time, before it becomes a plague.

Although in many places in Spain we can still be calm during the autumn months and, above all, winter, since during these weeks we will not find green aphids, we recommend that you check the sheets regularly, in case. As the planet warms, pests that were once typical of spring and summer are also beginning to be seen in mid- and late-winter. I myself found a cottony scale insect on a jacaranda branch in February, in the middle of winter, of course the temperatures were not typical for the time.

For this reason, and since the revision of the files does not cost anything, we recommend that you do it from time to time. We will look at both sides of them, paying special attention to the reversesince that’s where the green aphids hide, and if we see any, we’ll treat the rose bush.

What damage do green aphids cause to plants?

Green aphids are insects that cause damage to plants

Green aphids are a pest that usually do not end the life of the rose bush, unless it is a small and/or young plant, in which case they could be fatal. But, What symptoms and damage do they cause? Then we will tell you:

  • Leaves may appear curled.
  • The leaves lose their color.
  • Aphids secrete a lot of honeydew, which makes the leaves “sticky”.
  • The molasses attracts ants, which are harmless to the rosebush.
  • The flower buds remain closed.
  • When the plague is widespread, the black fungus appears, which covers the leaves with a blackish spot.

Thus, the plant weakens.

How to get rid of green rose aphids?

These insects multiply rapidly, so the most sensible thing, in my own experience, is to act the same day we see one. The question we all ask ourselves is: is there a cure that is 100% effective and also works quickly? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you because I haven’t tried all the ones on the market, but there are things that help recover the plant:

clean it with water

If the rose bush has a lot of green aphids, for example in the flower buds, it is advisable to give it a cleaning with a small brush and drinking water or without limestone. By doing so, we will be able to give him a break, but we must bear in mind that the plague will not be eliminated. Now, that will give us time to get some insecticide.

Treat it with insecticidal spray

Not all insecticides are effective against aphids, so you should buy one that somehow indicates that it can be treated against this pest. Likewise, we recommend getting a spray bottle as it is very easy to apply and relatively safe (as long as it is applied on a day when there is no wind).

Home remedies, such as lemon or wood ash, can be effective when there are very few aphids, but not when we have a pest that weakens the rosebush.

What can be done to prevent the green aphid from affecting them?

We all want our roses to always be green, healthy and perfect. But the aphids, and in particular the green ones, during the days and weeks when the heat lasts, do everything to feed themselves and generate new generations. So if we want to avoid seeing them in our bushes, there are things that will help with this:

Take good care of roses

By “well maintained” I mean they should be watered, fertilized and pruned if necessary, and that they also need to be in the right place, which in their case is outdoors and in a lighted area. Now, with this alone, we are not going to prevent the pests from affecting them, but if they are affected, they will be able to resist them better.

Remove wild weeds around you

This is important: many pests hide among the weeds and, when temperatures rise, they move towards the plants. For him, you have to try to eliminate weeds by the root. In this way, we will also make the roses grow better, without having to fight with a competitor.

Place aphid traps

Aphid traps are yellow and they have a sticky substance that attracts insects but also prevents them from escaping once they arrive. They serve as an ecological remedy, since they do not cause any damage to plants or the environment, except for aphids of course. It is a useful tool to place near the plants you want to protect.

So if your rose bush has green aphids, put these tips into practice.

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