How to propagate seedless basil by cuttings

Is it possible to breed basil without seeds? If we get a branch from the plant, we can have a new plant in our kitchen easily and quickly. And it is that getting a sprig of basil is very simple, you can even find them in a supermarket.

Then we can plant the basil in our urban garden or pot as well as culinary uses. It is a great ally in the garden, especially for the association of crops, by associating it with tomatoes on the salad terrace, because it helps us to prevent certain pests. And in the kitchen, it will liven up more than one dish. That’s for sure!


How to Plant Seedless Basil

In this video we are going to use a basil plant that I have at home that we sow in the spring from seed, but as you can see in mid summer the plant is in full production. We will enjoy taking a small branch and seeing how to “sow” basil without seeds. In quotation marks, since we will not sow it, but we will reproduce it.

If we are going to cut a branch from our plants to make a basil cutting, we can take advantage of these small branches that come out of the main stem, similar to tomato suckers. Also, if we want to speed up the process, we can always use a rooting agent based on lentils, an aloe or willow rooting agent.

how to plant seedless basil

How to Breed Basilisk

If we don’t have plants at homedon’t worry you can always get them from a neighbor, buy a small plant in a nursery or just buy it at the supermarket. The process is the same and success is assured. We can also take advantage of it and if our plant blooms, we can get basil seeds to plant it ourselves next season.

how to breed basil

I also don’t want to reveal all the content of the video. Hope you enjoy it and at least see how simple it is. In just 7 days we can have a lot of new plants thanks to this way of propagating basil.

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I encourage you to try it. It’s super easy and the basil is so good it’s always great to have some in the garden or at home. Have you tried? Did you do? You can tell me what you want or doubts in the Forum.

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breed basil

  • can we do it without root? Yes it can be done using just water, it will work the same way but rooting ensures much more success.

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