Raf tomato or black leg tomato. Season and characteristics

The Raf tomato, or also known or called striped tomato or black leg tomato, is a variety of tomato obtained by artificial selection. This selection has been made on tomatoes traditionally grown outdoors since 1969 and its origin is Vega, a region of Almería, in southern Spain. The Raf tomato is a tomato that has a distinctive flavor and texture.

raf tomato

They are distinguished by their general shape, variety of colors and sizes. It is particularly susceptible to disease and has a short shelf life after harvest. But it is highly valued for its delicious flavor and texture.


Where does the name of the Raf tomato come from?

The RAF name refers to the acronym “Fusarium Resistant”. This resistance to the fungus Fusarium oxysporum lycopersici is one of the reasons for its diffusion at the time of plant tomatoes. Being one of tomato pests more common, this variety which resists it has been so successful.

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Fusarium is a fungus that mainly attacks the base of the stem and the root of the plant. The attack of this fungus is one of the reasons why many tomato varieties they wither and their leaves turn yellow, as this causes necrosis of the main and secondary roots. Although it usually attacks the plant already grown, it can sometimes be found. seedling mushrooms.

Raf is a product of traditional tomato breeding, so it is not a hybrid tomato. Due to seed deterioration, planting was stopped and a very similar tomato called Delizia was produced and became very popular.

raf black leg

Characteristics of the Raf tomato

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Raf tomato is its shape, as it is very particular and distinctive. This one is differentiated by its irregular shape with deep grooves in the middle, oval and flat at the top. These grooves make it easy to determine its quality and ratify it.

Its color is a condensed green with dark lines approaching black on the upper part (neck). The inside has a pale pink pulp, with a very firm and juicy, fleshy paste and small seeds. It is hearty and generally has a pleasant sweetness, 9 degrees on the brix scale, due to its balance of sugars and citric and malic acids.

The Raf tomato ripens from within.

Raf tomato season

The season for Raf tomatoes is different from that of other tomatoes, traditionally they were grown between September and December. Its culture lasts nearly 3 months. Therefore, between November and May, they can be found in many traditional markets.

raf tomato season

Characteristics of Raf

The reason Raf tomatoes are so special is their growing conditions. The water needs a certain salinity for the fruit to contrast by forming sugars.

The yield from one plant is usually around 4 or 5 kg. The yield of a tomato plant of another variety is on average much higher. This is one of the reasons, along with its short shelf life, why buying this variety of tomato is so expensive.

Like this variety, the tomato three corners and the blue tomato they have become very popular, especially for making salads, and in many types of cuisine, not just gourmet.

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