How to protect our trees from wild animals.

Wild animals are undoubtedly the main problem for young trees and good forest protectors are undoubtedly the best option to protect them.

Deer, wild boar, roe deer… How many of you have ever seen a wild animal live? Lately, it’s getting easier and easier to come across these fascinating animals that were once wild and elusive.

The reasons are different: the continuous construction of dwellings and industries steals land from nature and, especially in winter, the difficulty in finding food for these animals has made them overcome their mistrust of humans.

The presence of game among the crops, however, creates many inconveniences because with their intervention they ruin the plants and eat the buds, thus causing countless damages to the crops. The various institutions have created special funds to compensate for damage caused by animals, but there are also a number of interventions that can protect crops and prevent crop losses.


how do we protect our crops from wild animals?

You can use bollards to spray around the edges of the growing area. There are repellents, liquid or granulated and in spray at the edge of the field. The odor resulting from this mixture is unpleasant for animals that stray.

It is a valid solution but it is not definitive, it will be necessary to carry out the spraying after rainy events and in any case to repeat cyclically after a certain time. This can be useful for those who have small plots of land or cannot install fixed fences.

The anti-hunting awnings are protective tubes in alveolar polypropylene with anti-UV treatment for good resistance to atmospheric agents, machinery and the sun’s rays.

These plant protectors have an easy and intuitive installation. In this way, animals are prevented from reaching the trunk of the tree, gnawing it and ruining it.

Benefits of Plant Protectors metallic:

• Due to the deterrent effect the tridents have on the animal, the guard will resist the pushing forces of livestock and game.

• Compatible with very fast pruning, assembly and disassembly.

• It can be installed in bushes without pruning and during all seasons of the year, even on dry ground.

• Its durability allows its reuse in other trees.

• Reduces installation costs (labor) compared to traditional cages.

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