Make a well in the garden

Do you have a garden or orchard and you want it to be well and abundantly watered? Can’t use water from a ditch? Don’t want to drink chlorinated tap water?

If there are no external underground pipes and you need water for irrigation and gardening, you can think about building a well, if obviously the area in which you want to create it has the characteristics that allow this solution.

Additionally, some municipal bylaws prohibit the use of potable water for purposes such as irrigating gardens, orchards and the like, so building a well might really be the only option.

Building a well has an initial cost, but in the long run it allows you to draw water without worries, so it can really be worth it…


Permit to build a well.

First, find out about municipal regulations regarding drilling permits and well drilling, to ensure that you are doing everything according to the law. Building an illegal well is never the best option and it is very dangerous!

We can entrust ourselves directly to a company specialized in the construction of wells, which will also take care of all the bureaucratic part.

At Escueladejardinerí we recommend that you always choose to legalize a water well.

How to choose where to build the well.

The water we use comes from underground aquifers, so building a well in a garden will require understanding the path the water takes and how precisely the work will need to be done to get enough water.

To search for groundwater and understand the precise point where to build a well for our garden, we have two options: the first is to hire a specialized company which, through an analysis with specific machines, identifies the point where to carry out the well. ‘excavation. the second option, very common in some places particularly attached to tradition, is to rely on a dowser, a very ancient practice used by our grandparents to identify water underground, with the sole use of shaped sticks by Y.

It goes without saying that we obviously advise you to turn to experts, so as not to risk making a mistake at the point of search, which would prove to be a big problem!

Types of wells to build

First of all, you need to understand which sink you want – it depends on the use, the estimate available and drilling depth. There are different types of wells, the main ones are two:

  1. artesian wells : it is a deep well but with a small diameter, which can vary from 5 cm to 15 cm (with a larger diameter they become professionals, which is why they are not taken into account), for a depth that goes from 10 to 100 meters In wells like this, a very powerful pump is needed to extract the water, but we will see that later. These wells can be dug in two ways: either by waterlogging, that is i.e. a weight that hits a post and pushes it into the ground (it can reach a maximum depth of 15/20 meters) – or by means of an auger – which has no depth limits, but it are very different costs, as we will see later -.
  2. Groundwater well: it is a shallow well (maximum up to 15 meters), but of very large diameter (at least one meter). It is, to understand, it is what one sees in convents or in country houses.

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