Meet the dwarf orange tree or Kumquat

The Kumquat Tree is a Chinese orange tree which produces small and oval oranges, its flavor is very acidic but it is compensated by the sweet flavor of the orange peel which is also eaten. Which brings us to a very general question: How do you eat Kumquat? Today we will meet this curious fruit and everything related to it. kumquat and its care.

kumquat care


Kumquats: Description

It is a tree that can reach 5 meters in height but it is generally small in size to be able to reach the fruit well. The leaves are dark green above, while the underside is light green. The Kumquat has a price of around 20 €, depending on the establishment where you go. It is generally used in landscaping as an ornamental tree.

kumquat: fruit

The fruit of the kumquat is peculiar, it has an oval shape with a smooth orange skin. The taste of the pulp is bitter, which will contrast in the mouth with the skin, which has a sweet taste, yes, the skin is also eaten. The key is to take a bite and chew to get the flavor right. The kumquat fills with flowers in late spring, white in color and smelling like orange blossom, being in late winter when its fruits ripen in the northern hemisphere. There are several varieties, but the most common on the market are the nagami, whose fruits are elongated, and the marumi, with rounded fruits.

Kumquat Care

The kumquat is a tree that can perfectly survive in a pot or it can be planted in the garden. It needs its own space, if we want it to grow, so it would be ideal to have it as a solitary tree or in a pot of at least 60 liters.

As for the sun, it prefers to be in a well exposed place where there is no wind. The soil should be well drained and waterlogging should be avoided.

It is convenient to pay it in summer every 15 days because it will start to produce fruits and water should not be lacking because it needs moderate irrigation.

In winter, it is advisable to protect it from frost with thermal blankets, although it can withstand up to -10 degrees Celsius.

Most Common Kumquat Pests

Some of the more common kumquat pests are:

  • Whitefly: It is found on the underside of the leaves, when you shake them you see a kind of white butterflies flying. Whitefly can be controlled in different ways, including color traps.
  • Citrus miner: Leaf miners are insects that dig galleries in the leaves, with the naked eye you can see the paths traced. If you notice that there are few affected leaves, you can tear them off and throw them away or try to remove the larva by pressing the upper and lower sides with two fingers, following the gallery created by the insect.
  • aphids: They usually appear when the shoots are tender and young. It is advisable to act quickly so as not to weaken the plant. There are several ecological remedies that can be applied.
  • fruit fly: The fruits can be affected by Ceratitis capitata or fruit fly. The adult usually lays its eggs in the fruit and when they are opened, white larvae without legs are seen. You can set traps with peach juice to capture them.

kumquat price

If you are interested in kumquat, buying it from your nearest nursery can always be the best option. It is becoming more and more common to see this tree in nurseries where the price of kumquat really varies a lot depending on location. where we see it. Buying kumquat can cost between €50 and €80. You can also buy kumquat online like on Amazon.

How to store orange Kumquat?

Its fruits are delicate, so it is best to store kumquat fruits in the refrigerator as they can reach last about 3 weekswhereas if we leave them in the fruit bowl, they will only last about 1 week.

Uses of kumquat

In addition to consuming it as a fruit, kumquat jam is very popular, it can be used to obtain liquor or to make meat sauces. Hopefully, recipes will one day bring us delicious kumquat recipes.

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potted kumquat care

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