5 tools that will save you hours of work in your garden

If you want to take care of your garden yourself, you’ll need the right tools. Choosing them is not easy, especially if you are not an expert in the matter. Read on for helpful tips and more information.

There are many gardening tools, but to choose the ones you really need, carefully assess your needs, as well as the type of work you want to do alone in the garden. It is also important to consider the size of the area to be treated and the type of plants present, such as fruit trees, flowers or hedges. In general, it is always better to bet on quality and invest a few euros more to have resistant, functional and durable tools. Remember that those made of a quality material, such as steel, may be heavier, but they are still handy and practical. These are the basic tools to make maintaining your garden easy and pleasant.


electric garden tools

To carry out all gardening work, especially the most demanding, simply and quickly, manufacturers have developed battery-powered equipment. There are models of lawnmowers, blowers or brushcutters which, unlike gasoline or electric ones, allow you to work in all weathers and without tangled cables. Plus, the batteries recharge in just over half an hour and are built to last a long time. All this translates into considerable cost savings and comfort.

The grass trimmer


For a lawn always in order more than a tool, it is more correct to speak of machinery: the lawn mower . To choose the model that suits your needs, it is necessary to evaluate a series of simple parameters: size of the surface, type of terrain, presence of obstacles (trees, flowerbeds, etc.), degree of slope. There are Different types lawn mowers on the market: (you can see more on top10cortacesped)

  • Manual : there is no motor, it works by manual push. It is suitable for gardens up to 100 m2, without slopes or obstacles. Its advantages are low maintenance, silence and ease of use.
  • Electric : The perfect solution for condominium gardens, it requires little maintenance and is extremely manoeuvrable. Requires a nearby power outlet. Fairly quiet.
  • battery operated – No power cord required, ensuring great freedom of movement. Low maintenance and good silence are its other advantages. A good option for medium and large gardens.
  • Gasoline : for large areas, more than 1000 square meters. Strong but more powerful than those described so far. It requires more careful maintenance.
  • robot lawn mower : make less effort to keep the garden in order. Programmable, they allow you to mow the lawn even on steep slopes. Depending on the power, they adapt to small or large surfaces. Silence.

leaf blower

garden blower

First, let’s say what a tool like the blower is professional file can withdraw from the garden. Obviously, thanks to it, you can remove different types of leaves, especially dry and small, but also larger and/or wet, as well as pine needles to clean not only small, but also very large surfaces in the air free.

Before choosing the most suitable tool, it is essential to check the ergonomics of the handle that you will need on a daily basis, so that it can also be used easily and effortlessly. Secondly, carefully calculate the lifespan of your work tool in autonomy: there are petrol or battery-powered or even electric models, the choice must mainly depend on the width of the surface to be well maintained.

Then there is the capacity of the bag that collects the leaves, possibly shredded: think about whether you prefer a larger container, a more powerful shredder or a lighter vacuum cleaner, depending on the characteristics of the product you are looking for. Finally, vacuum cleaners can be portable, shoulder-mounted or wheeled.

Choosing the best blowers for your garden is not an easy task, always look for more information on specialized pages, or talk to professionals.

garden cleaning tools


Let’s start digging into our guide with a series of essential tools for cleaning the garden and always take care of it. Here is what they are:

Shovel : if you have a space dedicated to the garden, you need it to move the clods of soil before moving on to cultivation. Its function is in fact to remove clods from the ground. Usually the tip is steel and the handle is wooden. It is equipped with a special support to push the blade deep with the foot. The handle must be strong for it to work best.

Hoe : The popular tool used for cutting roots and weeding.

Fork : used to loosen the soil and aerate it. Usually the handle is wooden, available long or short. The shovel is often used instead of the fork. The latter is mainly used to move manure.

shovel or shovel : essential tool for moving the earth and spreading fertilizer on the ground. The handle is slightly curved and the tip is made of steel to allow more efficient penetration. It is used to collect dirt, sand and other materials.

Crusher : a tool more expensive than others but useful for picking up pruning debris, making good compost and using it as fertilizer.

Metal saw : essential for cutting branches, to be used in pruning in general. It is recommended to choose a good quality one. It is available in manual or electric operation.

Pair of scissors : to cut stems or small branches, here is another essential tool for the garden. A scissor with an ergonomic handle cannot be missing.

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