Mobile chicken coop, tractor chicken coop or chicken tractor and its advantages

If we are looking for the perfect complement for our orchard and we can also manage those that we have small orchards without much land, here we have the mobile chicken coop, the tractor chicken coop or the chicken tractor.

mobile chicken coop

And it is that chickens, in addition to providing invaluable food such as eggs, have many advantages. Having them in our garden how to help us produce nitrogen-rich fertilizers with their excrement, one of homemade fertilizer more powerful, as well as helping us reduce pests and, of course, cleaning our garden.


Mobile chicken coop or tractor chicken coop: what is it?

The concept of the mobile chicken coop or chicken tractor is based on going move the chickens through the various terraces of the orchard to help us. But for this it is important to have a mobile chicken coop that we can easily transport from one place to another. We will do this according to our needs, giving our chickens everything they need during the season they are there. We will provide refuge (especially at night) food Yes The water.

In other videos and articles I have shown you how we make a homemade chicken coop mobile with pallets and with this video and this article you will also understand the measurements that we gave him at the time. If you prefer to look for other models, here they are 30 ideas for making our own chicken coops. If you don’t feel like building it, you can always buy it here.

chicken tractor

When you are done with a harvest, you can enjoy it and instead of cleaning it up and starting to grow something, put the chickens on that terrace. Depending on the hens you put, they will have the bed ready between 15 days or a month. In this way we let the earth rest a little and in the meantime we can dedicate ourselves to other tasks in the garden.

Once this bed is finished, we will move it to another or, if we have no more beds in which they can be, we will leave the chickens in the large chicken coop that we have or we will leave the mobile chicken coop on the side of the garden with our chickens.


The advantages and benefits of having a mobile chicken coop or a tractor chicken coop are diverse:

  • Eliminate plant debris from crops or weeds that come out on the terrace. This way we feed the chickens and avoid the task of cleaning ourselves.
  • At the same time, they remove any seeds that have fallen into the bed of other grasses or previous crops, thus ensuring that so many grasses do not germinate.
  • They remove the soil in search of food with which we manage to aerate and loosen the surface of the terrace a little (for this it is important that they do not stay long).
  • They feed on larvae and caterpillars among other pests, so we “disinfect” the terrace from possible pests for subsequent crops.
  • They eat snails and possibly eggs they have laid underground or in the more humid areas of the terrace.
  • While they live there, they fertilize the terrace with their droppings, which will help us provide nitrogen to the soil.
  • We feed our chickens with the most complete food that exists, the natural food, which is a saving and a good contribution for them.
  • The eggs of our hens will be of better nutritional quality and, on several occasions, will have a more intense coloring and a more homogeneous structure.
  • We will have much healthier chickens, thanks to food and space to move around.

mobile chicken coops

In conclusion

Don’t tell me that with all these advantages you dare not have a mobile chicken coop in your garden. Plus, if you dare, you can also make yourself a homemade bird feeder for the hens, since it will be part of their diet and a homemade watererbecause it is essential that our hens have access to clean water.

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In the video that I leave you below you will see how they left a terrace on their own and in a short time after crossing it.

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