Strawberry cultivation. For planting strawberries or strawberries. Complete guide

This article is intended to be a complete guide to the cultivation of strawberries or strawberries in our vegetable garden or urban vegetable garden. Through a series of videos, we are going to learn step by step what to do to grow our strawberries in a simple, visual and suitable way for everyone, even those who are just starting out.

strawberry cultivation

The idea is to answer the eternal question of how to grow strawberries. From planting by seed to harvesting and harvesting its fruits, as well as seeing how we can get our own seeds.

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Vegetable Seeds - Strawberries 4 seasons - Batlle

Vegetable Seeds – Strawberries 4 seasons – Batlle

  • Strawberries and strawberries belong to the Rosaceae family and, in turn, to the genus Fragarias. They need a temperate climate to grow without problems
  • Sowing: In the nursery sheltered from the cold in April-May, but it can also be sown outdoors in July-August. When the plants reach about 8 cm. transplant them to a permanent place, trying to shade them the first days after transplanting
  • Harvest: normally in June-July of the following year.

In short, the whole process of growing strawberries or strawberries is over. Because after all, having your own food it shouldn’t be very difficult. Each video shows a step to follow and if you want to go further, in many cases there will be a link to a more specific and detailed article on this subject.

strawberry cultivation



Although it is not the best method to obtain our own strawberry plants, if you want to start with the whole process from planting, we can how to plant strawberries from seed. The planting will be done at the end of the summer in the nursery and although it seems simple, it is not always so, in reality the strawberry is a plant that can take time to germinate and not always with very good results. It can be done in late summer or fall.

In the video we explain step by step how to do it.


Late winter or early spring is the perfect time to plant strawberrieswhether in our garden or in the urban garden, vegetable garden or flowerpot. It is the ideal way to start growing strawberries, we are also lucky that they adapt very well to dimly lit urban gardens. They are therefore ideal for any space and they do not need a lot of space to grow.

When to plant strawberries

It is at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring that we will plant strawberries at home or in our garden. As we have said, it is a very simple and at the same time very satisfying crop that we can do in any corner of the house, since they do not need sun to grow.

How to Plant Strawberries

To plant strawberries, if we have not already planted the seedbed, we can buy the plant from a nursery. Although the easiest way to reproduce the plant is to strawberry runnerssome small aerial branches that we will find in our strawberry crops and which are beginning to germinate.

Another advantage of strawberries is that they don’t need very deep containers to grow. Pots up to at least 10 cm deep would be worthwhile for us to put strawberries in and then as long and wide as we want. It is also perfect to put it in any window of the house. And they can even be grown in recycled containers, as we explained in the post on How to grow strawberries in plastic bottles.

The cultivation distance between the strawberries will be more or less about 20 cm from each other. If we see that we have a lot of space, we can put them together a little more, but the ideal would be these 20 cm. When preparing the container, we must pay particular attention to drainage, since excess humidity can produce many fungi. So be very careful with that.

how to plant strawberries at home


Each season, our culture needs a different treatment. The little ones strawberry care and the risks are different at every moment and season, for which it is important to take this into account.

This is important both for our strawberries to be more productive and to avoid fungus and similar problems due to excess humidity. In addition, we ensure a good development of the plant in every season of the year, from winter to the following autumn.


Although it is a relatively easy and interesting strawberry crop to start our orchard or urban garden, it is true that we must pay attention to certain pests and diseases that can affect its cultivation and, above all, the fruit. We refer you to our post on the subject, a compilation of pests and strawberry diseases the most common and how to combat them.


You can start harvesting more or less strawberries depending on the plant and the temperatures. from late spring to autumn. Although sometimes it may take a little longer, it will bear fruit gradually, with the best productions at the end of the summer.

plant strawberries at home

The ideal is to harvest our crop of strawberries at the precise moment of ripening of the fruit. To consume it at the precise moment, once it has completed its cycle and turned completely red, we will cut the stem that connects it to the plant.


Although it is not the most common, as we mentioned before, to reproduce our strawberries in another way, I always like to give the possibility to those who want to experiment and see the whole process. What’s really good is enjoying all the stages, from germination to harvest. So an interesting step will be to get the strawberry seeds to try to germinate them. In this article we explain how to remove seeds from strawberries. Also in the video:

There is another way, less orthodox in a way, which is to sprout the strawberries that you buy at the supermarket. In this case, as it will be the one that will give rise to our crops, we recommend that they be organic or ecological. Here we explain how to sprout strawberries bought.

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how to grow strawberries

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