Olive pruning – Tips for my orchard


Pruning the olive tree, general principles

Among the various attentions that it is urgent to devote to the olive tree, we find the pruning operation among the most important. Specifying that, depending on the variety of olive tree and the geographical area, different pruning methods have been developed, it is worth highlighting some general precautions, which must be taken as guidelines for those who wish to carry out this operation. First of all, pruning must be done every year, simply using scissors for the smaller branches and the saw, or chainsaw, for the larger ones. Each time you make a cut, you must be careful to leave the surface smooth and oblique, so that water does not stagnate and mold does not form. The pruner, if he has experience, knows how to adapt his technique to the particular situation of the plant, taking into account its characteristics, variety and region. To be good pruners, in addition to basic theoretical knowledge, a lot of practice is needed, since experience is the only way to modify your actions, adapting them to the specific situation.

Well pruned olive tree.”>Why, when and how to prune

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