Zucchini Pasta And Mint Pesto

Mint and zucchini are a combination that always works, it is classic to put a few leaves of this aromatic on grilled zucchini. This combination can also be successfully replicated as a seasoning for pasta. The zucchini and mint pesto is an excellent base for a very fragrant and summery vegetarian starter. The amount of mint can be adjusted as desired to obtain a more or less aromatic pesto.

We have already talked about zucchini pasta, presenting a summer seasoning based on zucchini and stracciatella, now we see another variation of the season, zucchini recipes are really numerous, even among the first courses.

Pasta with mint and zucchini pesto is very easy to prepare and for a perfect result you just have to follow two simple rules: use fresh, sweet and tasty zucchini and make a hearty and very creamy pesto (by adding cooking water if necessary).) . Obviously with courgettes freshly picked from the garden, if the right size is chosen, success is guaranteed.

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