Original and durable centerpieces

What would we humans do if we couldn’t enjoy plants at home? They fill our rooms with color, improve air quality and, above all, have been shown to have a direct action on our emotional state.

Centerpieces have become a super cool option for decorating large dining tables or furniture that would otherwise be a bit bare.

However, the concept of bouquets and centerpieces has always been to associate them with very perishable plants which, a few days after their purchase, begin to dry out and lose their original freshness.

Faced with this, we present you with different ideas for sustainable flower arrangements, with natural plants preserved through technological freeze-drying processes whose appearance is absolutely natural and does not differ from any bouquet of flowers that we can acquire.


Do you love flowers but find it difficult to maintain them?

Few things annoy us more than not being able to keep a plant in perfect condition and let’s see how little by little it dries out and we don’t know how to fix it.

In the case of flowers, the short time they stay fresh may cause many people not to buy them for the same reason, even though they would like have multiple centerpieces and beautify your home decor.

Anyway, the solution is the preservation of plants by the freeze-drying method. Flowers and leaves keep their natural and original look (almost imperceptible to the eye) and we can keep them for several years without any maintenance.

The stabilized flowers are best alternative to plastic artificial plantswhose lack of naturalness can be seen from afar.

Rest assured, below we explain what the method of preserving these plants consists of and why it is a technique that preserves 100% natural color and texture of a plant or a flower.

original centerpieces

Preserved centers are a key element in the decoration of interior spaces with plants. These elements offer spectacular results with the advantage of not withering or dying over time. A well-preserved centerpiece can last us for years.

Classical or fall centers

classic centerpieces

One of the more classic options are centerpieces with soft colors composed of different shades of white, pink and yellow. This centerpiece plays with different textures of stabilized flowers where the feathery plant creates a lower base and taller inflorescences, such as sunflowers, are placed in the center.

stabilized eucalyptus

eucalyptus centerpiece

When we look for a fall option with cooler colors and greyish greens deep and intense, the number 1 in the centerpieces kept are the leaves of Cinated eucalyptus.

This plant with hard and leathery leaves allows create different configurations. In the photo below it is practically the main character, but if we want to give it a more spring color, flowers such as roses and carnations would come into play that would go in the central part, leaving the base for Cinated eucalyptus.

modern centerpieces

artichoke centerpiece

When looking for preserved centerpieces more colorful, the possibilities are multiplied with a large number of species. Aromatic varieties can come into play and, even as seen in the photo, candied fruits such as artichoke which create a perfect Mediterranean effect for any spring and summer home.

Roses and eucalyptus: a winning combination

Centerpiece roses and eucalyptus

One of the best selling preserved centerpieces is when they are made compound combinations including grasses (different types of cereals), tough leaves such as eucalyptus, magnolia or pistachio, small flowers such as limonium and larger ones, like the classic pink or red roses.

Aromatic and rustic centerpieces

rustic centerpieces

If we appreciate a country house or a more rustic settingcenterpieces kept with aromatic plants is an additional option that fits perfectly with more rustic and classic furniture and appearance.

In this type of flower arrangement, it is worth using more prickly species with a lot of budding, providing dark green and grayish colors, which go very well with small inflorescences and pink colors.

In addition, it is common to place them in a container made of wood or plant fibers of wicker or esparto to give it a more natural and rustic look.

How are the plants freeze-dried?

The technique of freeze-drying a plant consists of extract all the sap by a technological process and immediately after replacing it with a solution of glycerin or other components that preserve the structure of the plant for a long time.

In this way, the plant will not rot and will retain its original color and texture for a long time.

With the human eye, hardly any difference is observed, and it is only by touch that we can see the differences, because the blade is a little more hardened.

This plant preservation technique allows keep maintenance to a minimum. We will no longer need to water or place our plant in a lighted place, because there really is no life in it.

Benefits of freeze-dried herbs

The ideal of this type of stabilized plants is that we can choose from a wide range of options of different flowers, leaves and plant constructions.

In addition to its low or no preservationthere are specialized stores where you can customize absolutely any composition you want or get advice from experts.

Choice of plants for our preserved center

Some of the options that we can choose for the construction of our preserved floral center are:

  • Plant leaves: genus Pistacia, eucalyptus leaves (Cinated eucalyptus), magnolia.
  • Small flowers or inflorescences: limoniumCraspedia globosa.
  • Large flowers: roses, lilies brindisi, buttercups, Dianthus, Protea Nerifolia.

Final conclusions on stabilized flowers

If you love flowers but don’t have the budget or the time to dispose of them in their natural, fresh state, preserved flowers They are the best choice over other alternatives. such as plastic artificial plants (from here we publicly express their rejection).

Physically they are almost identical to fresh cut flowers and it is a sustainable and effective method from being able to keep a bouquet for years until you get tired of it and try new bouquets with different shades, types of leaves and different textures.

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