Outdoor Cyclamen Care

Outdoor cyclamen are low maintenance

Cyclamen is a flowering plant that we normally have inside the house. It is not one of the most demanding and it does not require much care, so it is normal that we like to have it in the house. But is it possible to have it outside? Yes of course.

Indeed, in temperate or mild climates, it is customary to have it on the balcony, or to take it out on the terrace in the morning, and to bring it back into the house at nightfall. There are even those who always keep it outside. So, How to care for cyclamen outdoors?


that there is no lack of light

Cyclamen need light

To bloom, the cyclamen it should be placed in a place where there is light. It doesn’t have to be direct, but it is advisable. In no case should it be placed in a dark place, since in these conditions it will not bloom, and the leaves will lose color, in addition to health. Therefore, the right places can be the ones I mentioned earlier: balcony, windowsill, patio, terrace or garden.

Likewise, and taking into account that it is a plant that does not exceed 30 centimeters in height when it flowers, should be put ahead of others who are tallerotherwise these would give you shade.

Pot or soil?

Where you want. As it is a small plant, it can be planted both in pots and in the ground. It doesn’t take up much space, nor does it have overgrown roots. But you should keep the following in mind:

  • In case of having it in a jar, it must have holes in its base. If the roots come out, whether you just bought it or have been there for more than two years, always plant them in a root about 5 centimeters wider and higher. Use universal soil from a well-known brand, such as Flower or Fertiberia.
  • Should keep her on the floor, the earth must quickly absorb and filter water; that is, it should not flood easily. If this happens, make a hole of about 50 x 50 cm and fill it with universal plant substrate.

Outdoor watering of cyclamen

Cyclamen can have yellow leaves if it is watered a lot

How to water the cyclamen? It is a plant that does not need much watering, because it does not need it. However, it would be a mistake to think that we can last a long time without receiving a single drop of water. As a result, we recommend rehydrating it every 3 or 4 days.

To do this, you must use water suitable for human consumption, or rainwater. If the faucet contains a lot of limescale, it will eventually cause damage as it will clog the pores. Therefore, it is important to avoid using it for irrigation.

Can we have cyclamen in the water?

It is believed that cyclamen can be well in a pot without holes and soil, only with water. But no, it is not an aquatic plant, so it should not be kept in these conditionsNot if you want to keep it for a few years. There are species that will feel happy with their roots submerged, like the water hyacinth or the water lily, but our protagonist would soon drown.

So if someone tells you to have it with submerged roots… you better ignore it. It also wouldn’t be a good idea to always have it in a jar with a plate underneath.unless you empty it after watering.

When to pay it?

Fertilization will be done during flowering, that is, in winter and spring. In this way, the cyclamen will be able to produce many flowers and for a somewhat longer period. But be careful, to get the desired results, you must fertilize it with a liquid fertilizer specific to flowering plants (on sale here).

Follow the instructions for use, otherwise you may cause an overdose. And excess manure or fertilizer is one of the most common causes of plant death, which is why it’s so important to read the instructions on the container, as it prevents root damage.

How to preserve the cyclamen from one year to another?

Cyclamen is a bulbous perennial

Image – Wikimedia/Tejvan Pettinger

After flowering, the leaves and flowers wither and dry up. When this happens, at first glance it looks like he is dead, but the truth is that he is not: the rhizome is still alive and will germinate the following year if it is well cared for. Therefore, two things can be done:

  • One, leave it in the pot or on the ground and water very occasionally.
  • Or two, take it out, clean it with a brush or a dry cloth, and store it in a paper or cardboard bag or box in a room.

In any case, to make it go well, it is important that it is exposed to low temperatures; that is, to feel a little cold. This way it can germinate when the time comes.

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We hope it is now easier for you to keep your cyclamen outdoors.

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