Peonies: Meaning According to Cultures and Colors

The meaning of peonies varies by culture and color

One of the most popular plants among gardeners is the peony. This is not surprising, because these are extremely beautiful flowers. This vegetable undergoes a real metamorphosis, going from an unattractive shrub to a real wonder for the eyes, all thanks to its beautiful flowers. But did you know that peonies have meaning? Many, in fact, depending on culture and color.

Before explaining what is the meaning of peonies, it is important to note that the language of flowers began a long time ago in Japan. However, during the Victorian era it also became popular in Europe. Today, the meaning of flowers is of the utmost importance for the creation of events and ceremonies. So, I hope this article will be helpful for you to better understand the meaning of peonies.


What do peonies mean?

Peonies became very popular in China and later in Europe

While it is true that all flowers have one meaning or another, mainly influenced by the color of their petals, the case of peonies is somewhat curious. The meaning of these beautiful flowers varies depending on the region in which we are. They do not represent the same thing in the East as in the West. This is mainly due to the Greek myths which are part of the peony cultural set.

Peonies: Meaning in Asia

It was at the end of the 18th century that peonies reached European lands. However, They have been used for a long time in China. The application they gave them was not only decorative, but also medicinal due to the beneficial properties attributed to the roots of these plants. They helped reduce fever and improve blood circulation. But today they are used only as ornamental elements.

In Asia, peonies are called Mudán, granted by China. Its translation would be “more beautiful“, a name that suits them perfectly. In the year 600, the then Chinese emperor named Suyang ordered that these vegetables be planted in one of his royal gardens, specifically in the Xi Yuan. It was the first time that a space in such an honorable place was dedicated to peonies.

Some time later, Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty made the cultivation of these beautiful flowers fashionable, as they were her favorite. He loved meeting them in the capital. And so the peony began to be known as “The King of Flowers”. Moreover, it has been attributed the meaning of honor, natural beauty and good fortune.

For this reason, in the Japanese floral parlance, this flower has been declared as symbol of prosperity, luck, happiness and fortune. You could say it’s the eastern equivalent of what the rose represents in our culture. There are important artistic and written works whose protagonists are peonies and which were made throughout several dynasties.

Peony Meaning in Feng Shui

Also in the ancient Chinese art called Feng Shui peonies are not unimportant. But what is Feng Shui? Well, it’s a very old art which is based on the cosmogony of the universe. Your goal is to seek the physical and spiritual well-being of human beings in space.

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Regarding the meaning of peonies in Feng Shui, they are generally used primarily as a decorative element. when the person suffers from love affairs. It usually refers to some kind of romantic disappointment, forced separation, or breakup. petals in pastel colors they calm the evils of the heart and also of the mind.

On another side, the darker shades make it a more lush and refreshing plant. With these characteristics, peonies help imbue the room or home with fertilizing energies. These energies contribute to learning, success in business, career advancement, pregnancy, etc.

Meaning of Peony in the West

After the opening of the Silk Road, the first peonies began to appear in Europe, and then also in the United States and Canada. However, the meaning of this beautiful flower is not the same in the East as in the West, due to Greek myths that include the peony.

An example would be that, according to the Greeks, flirtatious nymphs hid naked behind peony bushes, in order to avoid men looking at them. Because of this These flowers are associated with shyness and shame, apart from beauty.

Peony Seed Meaning

Not only the peony flowers have their own meaning, but also the seeds. These are used in both white magic and black magic. to protect newborns from the evil eye. Usually the evil eye is interpreted as the negative energies caused by the envy of others.

The seeds of peonies are called Huayruro, and there are two different types:

  1. The females: They are completely red.
  2. The males : They are smaller and red in color but with a black part.

They are usually set in rope or silver and placed next to a jet stone in a black rope. This set forms a protection amulet for babies and children. It is usually placed on one of the feet. However, they also say it attracts prosperity and abundance in adults if they are carried in a handbag or on a bracelet.

What does receiving a peony mean?

The meaning of peonies is related to beauty and love

Now that we know a little more about these beautiful flowers, let’s see what the most general meaning of peonies is. As you can well imagine, such beautiful flowers also symbolize something very beautiful. This plant is usually associated with theto happiness, beauty and love, among many other things. Therefore, it is no surprise that peonies are one of the most common flowers at weddings, as it is a favorite of many brides.

So when someone gives us a peony, He shows us love, affection and good wishes for life. Without a doubt, it is a very suitable flower to give on special occasions such as declarations of love, birthdays or romantic dates. If you have ever received one of these beautiful flowers, or a bouquet of them, you will already know what they are capable of conveying.

Peonies: Meaning according to their colors

The meaning of peonies depends on the color

In fgeneral, the most common colors of peonies are white, pink and purple. However, there are many more varieties of these plants, so it is common to be able to choose different colors at florists. Some even have bicolor or ornamental flowers, that is, with jagged petals.

Whatever type of peony we choose, they all have a wonderful fragrance. Besides, Depending on the color we choose, they can symbolize one thing or another. As is often the case in the world of flowers, peonies and their meaning also depend mainly on the color of their petals. We will comment below on what the most common varieties symbolize.

Pink Peonies: Meaning

Let’s start with one of the most common peonies: roses. Usually, when we think of these beautiful flowers, we imagine them in this color, because it is usually the favorite. The symbolism that these plants usually give is union in marriage and beauty, a general level. However, pink peonies are also linked to love at first sight and that type of attraction that can exist between two people who don’t know each other. These meanings explain very clearly why pink peonies are the most common. The symbolism that accompanies them is as beautiful as their appearance.

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White Peonies: Meaning

Let’s continue with the meaning of white peonies, also a very common color in these flowers. They are so pretty that they do not go unnoticed. As for its meaning, they are usually related to shyness, so they express flirtatious and shy love. For this reason, they are also very common flowers in certain events such as weddings, but they are also a very appropriate gift in case of apology or repentance.

Red Peonies: Meaning

Now let’s move on to red peonies. This meaning is closely related to China, as the color red is of utmost importance there. It was the color used by emperors. Therefore, the meaning of red peonies is honor, respect, wealth and prosperity. Also, as you probably already know, red is the color that symbolizes passion, so this meaning can also be extrapolated to flowers of this color.

Blue Peonies: Meaning

As for the blue peonies, These symbolize eternal love. Its meaning is closely linked to that inaccessible love that we all have. The color blue itself reminds us of the sky, the ocean, and the vastness of both. Therefore, blue peonies they also represent freedom and loyalty.

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Without a doubt, this variety is ideal if we want to express a pure and true feeling towards a special person. If we decide to give a blue peony, We will transmit love and openness.

Purple Peonies: Meaning

Finally, we must comment on the meaning of purple peonies. These involve anyone with purple, violet, or lilac tones. They are generally linked to the Greek myth of Paeon. It reflects the dishonor of this character, the envy of Asclepius and the anger of Zeus. So this flower it can be a kind of sympathetic tribute or an insult, It depends on how we interpret the situation.

Hope you liked the different meanings of peonies. They are very beautiful flowers and their symbology does not lack in this regard. If you are considering growing them, I recommend that you check out our article on peony care.

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