Plant lavender. How and why to plant it in the garden

We return to aromatics, in this case we will talk about how, where, why and when to plant lavender at home or in the garden. In a few days we will talk about how breed oregano by dividing the bush, an effective way to increase our availability of this crop. And some time ago we saw the the importance of thyme plant and of plant rosemary in the garden.

plant lavender

We accompany the article with an interesting video about this aromatic in the garden. And that’s what I believe and know that they are really a fundamental part of the garden, although many doubt it, or are unclear about its importance. This is because they think that by not producing any horticultural fruit to eat, they are not important.

But what is certain is that in addition to being used to prepare medicines or dishes, many aromatics will really help us to increase production and have a healthier and more natural garden.


plant lavender

Planting lavender is relatively simple when we already have our plant of about 15 centimeters in a pot. Below I also explain how to do it from the seedling.

When to plant lavender

The ideal time to plant lavender will depend a lot on the climate, but in warmer regions it is generally recommended to do so in mid-autumn, while in more temperate or colder regions between the end of the fall and early spring.

Where to plant lavender

Although it is a plant that adapts to all types of soil, the most appropriate place to plant lavender is light, well-drained soil. Although it does not require a lot of organic matter, it is always better to add a background subscriberwhether it’s a bit of compost, earthworm humus or any natural fertilizer to improve soil quality.

So, once the place has been chosen, which in addition to what we have mentioned in terms of soil, must be in a sunny area, since lavender likes direct sunlight, we make a hole a little larger than the size of the base of the pot.

where to plant lavender

How to Plant Lavender

What we do is take the lavender out of the pot and break the roots a little, opening it up so that it adapts better to the new soil. Breaking the bottom of the roots a little allows new ones to emerge.

reproduce by cuttings

Cuttings are a way to reproduce our lavender plants. What we do is cut stems of about 10 centimeters and plant them in a pot. We can help you with aloe vera rootingso that the new plant takes root more quickly and efficiently.

How and when to plant lavender

To consider how and when to plant lavender, if instead of getting the plants and transplanting them or taking cuttings, you want the full process, you have to do a lavender seedlings. In this video, I explain in detail how to do it effectively. It is valid for lavender as well as for many other aromatic plants:

I consider this series of articles on aromatic plants as fundamental, to make these aromatic plants known and so that together we make room for them. Well, a long time ago I was one of those who also thought that why would I put plants that did not bear fruit, if it only took up space.

More information to know when planting lavender

To provide you with a little more information that I didn’t get in the video or in case you want to have it more handy, I’m going to give you some interesting facts about lavender and how to grow it.

The description

The Lavender officinalis It has been famous since Roman times, as a perfume, for beauty and personal care, etc. It is a valuable plant for its many and varied applications. It is a small woody perennial shrub with narrow grey-green leaves and blue-purple flowers in spikes which bloom in summer.

Lavender, in addition to its beautiful blue flowers, perfumes the environment. As a plant to make a border on either side of a path for example, it’s great.

Type of land

Lavender is one hardy species which adapts very well to any floor structure. Nevertheless, it prefers light, sandy soils with an average organic matter content. As we mentioned earlier, the drainage is also important and with this we will avoid inadequate flooding that can rot the roots.

how to plant lavender


Will need frequent watering, but without puddles. Lavender is a crop that tolerates periods of drought, typical of the Mediterranean climate. One watering per week is enough to cover its needs.


It prefers temperate climates where winters and summers are excessively harsh. It grows in wide climatic and soil conditions, although it is essential that the soil is not very acidic and that there is plenty of sunlight. In addition, it does not support excessive humidity. To find out if the soil is acidic or alkaline, I recommend you see the post on how to measure soil pH. In the event that the acidity of the composition is excessive, I explain how to improve acidic soil.

the reproduction

It is advisable to sow its seeds in spring, although in temperate zones where the winters and summers are not severe it can be sown almost all year round.

Reproduction by cuttings is quite effective. Take about 10 cm pieces of first year stems in summer and sow them directly in pots. The lentil rooting can be a good ally in this case.



  • Its leaves and flowers are used; suitable in perfumery for its aroma, it is also used as a culinary condiment
  • Sow in April or May place in rows 40 cm apart
  • summer harvest
  • Renew the culture every 3-4 years

Maintenance, pruning and diseases

An important thing when planting lavender in the garden is to know that it is resistant to cold winters and frost, although depending on the winter temperatures that accumulate, they can reduce the yield of lavender.

It usually does not have many diseases, but humidity is a case that can occur in which the plant suffers great disorders, it would be ideal to control the drainage.

prune the lavender this can be done in early March, or late winter, to prepare it for spring.

Finally, we must not forget that lavender is an excellent repellent for ants. In addition to many other organic remedies that I will tell you about. You can get a plant here That is seeds to sow.

It is also said to be an interesting repellent and home remedy for aphidbut I haven’t checked yet. For this we have the remedy of garlic infusion which is going very well.

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when to plant lavender

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