Pumpkin and sage butter

An outline with typical fall colors and flavor, Pumpkin Sage Butter is perfect in its simplicity. The recipe is quick to make and ideal as a side dish.

Garden squashes are harvested between late summer and fall and are often a very satisfying crop, so it’s good to know several recipes with which to cook them. This pumpkin side dish can be prepared in minutes and can be easily customized to your taste with different flavorings, ideal to accompany a savory main dish with strong flavors.


We advise you to steam the squash and keep it “al dente” to avoid excessive absorption of water and ensure a better consistency of the vegetable even after it has been sautéed in the pan. If there is any left, you can keep it in the fridge and reheat it in the pan the next day by adding a drizzle of oil or a piece of butter: it will come back as if it had just been done!

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