Pumpkin and Sausage Pasta

Today, we present to you a rustic and seasonal appetizer, which will allow you to bring the colors and flavors of your garden to the table: a delicious pumpkin and sausage paste!

We will combine the sweetness of pumpkins with the flavor of sausage and pecorino cheese, in a simple dough with a decidedly autumnal flavor. A truly classic and always winning combination that satisfies everyone. Serve this starter at a dinner with friends and rest assured that not a single fork will be left.

The procedure is not at all complex: it is a question of making a simple pumpkin cream with which we spread the pasta and the golden sausage. A generous sprinkle of pecorino cheese will add an even more delicious touch to the dish. Pumpkin grown the right way and harvested ripe is what can give this recipe an extra kick and make a difference in flavor.

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