Purple potatoes: variety and culture

There are varieties of potatoes that have purple or blue skin and flesh. From the point of view of a garden that offers unusual and particular vegetables, it can be interesting to cultivate them because they allow to make scenic recipes in the kitchen and to surprise the guests.

They are varieties of Peruvian origin, they have the same characteristics as normal potatoes, they differ mainly in the color of the skin and pulp and have a slightly different flavor. The flavor of the purple potato is usually a little sweeter than the classic, with an aroma reminiscent of hazelnut.

Among the potatoes of a particular color, the best known is the veal potato . Purple potatoes are rich in antioxidants and are therefore considered excellent for health in terms of nutritional properties.

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Varieties of purple or blue potatoes

Purple potatoes are quite common today, there are both heirloom varieties and those recently bred by seed potato growers.

Vitellotte potatoes: The best-known purple variety on the market for a long time, these potatoes are blue to purple in color, with a deep color, thick skin and mealy flesh.

Blue star potatoes: Potatoes with purple flesh, mottled and of uneven color, with regular tubers and a taste very close to the classic potato.

Purple Potatoes: peeled blue potato, with intense blue and purple flesh, flavored with hazelnuts, reminiscent of the flavor of chestnuts.

In Abruzzo there is a variety of potatoes called turquoise potato and in Piedmont a variety of purple potato , but the abnormal color is only on the skin, once opened it is discovered that they are normal potatoes with yellow flesh. The most curious varieties, on the other hand, are the already mentioned purple queen or calf and the blue stars, in which the whole tuber is colored and then, once cooked, the difference is also reflected in the dish. It is not colored or genetically modified, it is a natural variety.

How to grow purple potatoes

Cultivation of the purple potato is in all respects identical to that of other potato plants, with which they share climate, soil, growing and harvesting periods, pests and diseases. Therefore, I recommend that you read the article on growing potatoes, where you will find step by step everything you need to grow your healthy and lush tubers.

The growth cycle, therefore the length of time between planting and harvesting, depends on the variety, so if you want to know how long purple potatoes will stay in the garden, ask the person providing the seed.

Where to find purple potatoes to plant

If you want to try planting purple potatoes, we recommend that you take a look at the extensive catalog of Agrarian Ughetto which offers several varieties of seed potatoes, including purple and blue potatoes (such as Bergerac, Blue Star and Fleur Bleu). There are also surprising potatoes with red meat among its proposals.

purple potatoes in the kitchen

Veal potatoes can be used in cooking like regular potatoes, they can be made into french fries, they can be made into a weird mashed blue potato, they can be baked or boiled. In any case, the result is surprising and original by the strange color. This type of potato particularly appeals to children who are intrigued by this strange vegetable.

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