Closed porches with charm: rustic and modern ideas

Charming enclosed porches can be designed in different ways

Sometimes it is not as simple as it seems to create a harmonious and visually pleasing environment. Several aspects must be taken into account when we want to design both interiors and gardens, balconies, terraces and porches. However, with a little inspiration, anything is possible. To help you out a bit, we’re going to give some Tips and ideas for charming enclosed verandas.

Specifically, we will comment on how enclosed porches could be decorated rustic style or modern style, come up with another idea. If you are thinking of giving your porch a special touch, I recommend that you take a look at this article.


Rustic enclosed porches

rustic screened porches feature many natural elements

We will start by commenting on how to decorate closed porches in a rustic style. Obviously, the predominant material in this case should be wood. Furniture and decorative elements should be made of wood, wicker, bamboo, straw and other natural materials. In this type of design, almost any type of plant looks great, but it’s best to see lots of green between the brown tones of the wood. It is a very natural and pleasant look.

It should be noted that, since this is a style very inspired by nature, it is recommended that the porch be semi-enclosed, have a pergola or have glass walls. so that a lot of light enters and seems as natural an environment as possible. Regarding the colors, whether of pots, fabrics, curtains, etc., they must be discreet if possible, with natural tones and which integrate into the environment.

In this type of environment, handmade ornaments and furniture also look great, even by ourselves. These can be various items and crafts, such as the following:

  • Pallet sofas: Very rustic, cheap and customizable. Find out how to make them here.
  • Vertical garden with pallets: The ideal mix between wood and green plants. Find out how to do it here.
  • Painted pots: Painting the pots to our liking will give a unique and personalized touch to the porch. Find out how to do it here.
  • Decorated clay pots: In addition to painting them, we can also decorate the pots in other ways through fabrics and ornaments, for example. Find out how to do it here.

rustic ideas

Now that we have more or less clear what the rustic style looks like, we will comment ideas it can be really spectacular if we want closed porches with charm:

  • Drapes: Putting light, sheer curtains in a color that matches the rest of the space can give it a fresh, airy feel. Even for open porches, this is a great option.
  • The rugs: Rugs have the ability to make any space more welcoming and comfortable. By carefully selecting the color, tone and material of these, there is no doubt that they will look great on the porch.
  • Cushions : Pursuing the same objective of creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, the cushions cannot be missing. We can place them not only on chairs, sofas and armchairs, but also on the floor with beautiful puffs in a natural and rustic style.
  • Floors: As already mentioned, plants cannot be missing, and the more the better. So, nothing happens if we fill the closed porch with pots, whether large, small, hanging, on the ground or on a table. The variety of vegetable sizes and their different leaves will look spectacular.
  • Lights: Being a closed porch, we can consider the possibility of placing ceiling lights in natural materials. In addition, it is very nice and romantic to hang LEDs on the walls and between the plants. We can also put candles and lanterns in a rustic style and create a dreamlike atmosphere at night.
  • Paintings: Being an enclosed porch, hanging pictures or other items on the walls can be really great, as long as it fits in with the rest of the environment.

Modern closed porches

Enclosed porches can have a modern design

If you’re not too fond of the rustic style and prefer modern designs, don’t worry, we’ll give you some ideas and tips too. Usually, Simplicity and space are more appreciated. For this reason, many plants and impractical items are usually not placed. Wood is little used either, because uniformity and symmetry are more sought after. Obviously it’s a matter of taste and you can even mix different styles.

Another remarkable aspect of the modern style is that attaches great importance to geometric shapes and color contrasts, like black and white. For this reason, we often see many sofas and furniture in black rattan and white cushions. What modern enclosed porches convey is a sense of order, harmony, and space.

modern ideas

Already having a rough idea of ​​​​the most outstanding elements of modern style, we will give you ideas on how to make charming enclosed porches:

  • fabrics: Whether it is curtains, cushions, carpets, etc., it is best that they are uniform and all of the same color.
  • Furniture: To create a contrast between soft fabrics and more solid elements, such as furniture, they should have a distinctly different color. For example: Black furniture and white fabrics.
  • Jars: If we decide to place plants on the modern porch, it will be great if the pots match the furniture. Following the example above, they would be black.
  • Floors: Obviously, plants can be placed in a modern style. If we put little we will get a more minimalist environment and if we put a lot we will have a modern environment with a lot of green, which can also be very pleasant to look at.
  • Crystal: A widely used element in this style is glass, transparent. Glass tables, for example, are usually very spectacular.
  • Paintings: As with the rustic style, paintings can be a great idea for decorating porch walls, as long as they match the rest of the aesthetic.

In the end, decorating any space in the house is a matter of taste and a very personal decision. I hope that with these ideas I have helped to inspire you a little to decorate the closed porches with charm. Of course, you don’t have to follow just one style, a good mix between different designs can create a unique and impressive environment.

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