Solabiol Fertilizer With Natural Booster: Stimulates Roots

Today I’m talking about the range fertilizer SOLABIOL with the Natural Booster technology, which in my opinion are interesting products. To begin with, I will take this as a distant subject, because behind the action of this product there is a logic that I share very close to my understanding of organic farming.

Below you will find a long introduction to fertilization you will have to go all the way to find out more about the Natural Booster Technology . On the other hand, to explain how it works, it is important to frame it within a broader vision.

For the lazy, I’ll sum up the concept right away: it’s a 100% natural fertilizer that is not limited to providing nutrients , but enters into a relationship with the plant, stimulating the development of the root system. A more developed root system helps the plant organism to independently find the substances it needs. In practice, to paraphrase a Chinese proverb, instead of giving fish, we teach our plants to fish . We have already made a speech very similar to Orto Da Coltivare, talking about mycorrhizae and EM microorganisms.

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What is meant by fertilization

Let’s start with an anecdote: the reason we fertilize is provide plants with nutrients useful for their development . From a cultural point of view, we focus in particular on what is necessary to produce vegetables . We can break down into two goals : maintenance and improvement.

  • Maintenance because by constantly harvesting vegetables, we are taking resources away from the environment we are growing. The garden could be impoverished from year to year, if we want it to remain fertile over the long term, we must return the substance to the earth.
  • getting better because by providing the right nutrients we can achieve better results, both in terms of quantity and quality. The organoleptic characteristics of fruits and vegetables are determined by the nutrients that the plant finds in the environment.

Modern agriculture too often offers a myopic approach : to limit oneself to supply the substances the plant needs, in a form ready to be assimilated in a very short time. A kind of fast food, unhealthy for the environment and based on very weak bases. A system for others that is difficult to set up for those who cultivate as a hobby and do not have the tools to be “chemically” precise.

Organic farming has another vision : is fertilized at Take care of the earth Yes keep her fertile . In a healthy and balanced soil, the vegetables will then grow lush. It’s nothing more than imitate what happens in nature : organic matter falls to the ground and decomposes (leaves, animal waste, etc.). These additional substances, thanks to a series of microorganisms, are slowly transformed into “food” for the plants.

The nutrition of the plant organism as you know it happens through the roots , so if we want our crops to be able to “eat”, we must ensure that the root system can perform its function in the best possible way. When we work the soil with a good shovel we also do this: we prepare a welcoming space for the roots. But we can do something else, like reactivate soil microorganisms or provide substances useful for root system protection .

SOLABIOL fertilizer with natural activator

And now we finally talk about the products SOLABIOL leading brand in France of products from organic farming, has added a molecule of plant origin to the traditional natural fertilizer which has a stimulating action on the root system, the Natural Booster.

How Natural Booster works

SOLABIOL fertilizers are products of 100% natural origin, authorized in organic farming with a balanced content of the main elements useful to the plant, in particular the famous three macroelements (the abbreviation NPK found on product labels and represents nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). In addition to the classic subscription we find Natural Booster Technology which acts on the roots, favoring their multiplication and increasing their resistance to stress.

  • Promote radical development. Helpers are phytoforms, which are very important for multiplication and root development. These are elements present in nature, unfortunately they are delicate and tend to degrade quickly. Thanks to the protective action of Natural Booster, the rate of degradation of these plant hormones can be reduced by 60%, resulting in longer and more numerous roots.
  • Reinforces the resistance of fabrics. A second important effect of the treatment is the reinforcement of the capacity of the roots to respond to stress by the production of hyperoxidase enzymes. Without going too deep into the technique, the result is that the root tissues heal more easily by becoming lignified. This is particularly important to prevent disease: fungi and bacteria take advantage of wounds to break through the plant’s defensive barriers and attack it from within.

SOLABIOL with Natural Booster exists in different references (universal, citrus or other) in granular and liquid format . For a medium-sized garden, I recommend the specific version for vegetables, in a large bag ( available here ).

The granular format is ideal for incorporating into the soil during the tillage or transplanting phase, while the liquid format (available here) is ideal for those with small areas such as a container garden.

What results can we get

A better root system means a lot of things . First, as we have already said, a better ability of the plant to obtain nutrients . This goes hand in hand with fertilization which optimizes it.

Among the resources that a more developed root system best seeks, it must be remembered that there are also Water : very interesting then the fact that thanks to SOLABIOL fertilizer with Natural Booster you will have a better response to possible droughts and water saving .

In addition a well-rooted plant it is weatherproof and less prone to phytosanitary problems, which is very important for those who want to grow with natural methods.

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