Stihl Model FS 94 RC-E Brushcutter

STIHL introduces a small combustion engine mower with the classic mixture-powered two-stroke engine. This model has some interesting features that are worth mentioning.

The first strong point is its low weight: it is the lightest model in its category. The brushcutter is a tool that inevitably strains the arms during its use, even if it is equipped with a comfortable harness and an ergonomic handlebar. For this reason, a light tool is very comfortable, especially for those who use it for long periods of time, as in the case of professional gardeners.

Another interesting advantage is the ECOSPEED system, which allows you to adjust the level of acceleration by means of a graduated wheel on the handle, which allows you to limit the number of engine revolutions and therefore significantly reduce the consumption of the tool.

Micro-movements caused by the internal combustion engine are another cause of fatigue when cutting grass: the continuous vibrations strain the arm muscles of the brushcutter, which is why STIHL has developed an anti-vibration system on the FS 94. RC-E model which cushions this impact.

The rest of the quality of this “dece” is the quality to which STIHL tools are accustomed: a simple “Ergostart” ignition, a reliable engine that guarantees good performance at normal noise levels, excellent ergonomics in the grip unique handlebar hand and shoulder strap system, and a comfortable and manageable support. Also note the good capacity tank, which allows greater autonomy of use compared to other models of similar displacement.

In conclusion, this is a petrol engine brushcutter suitable for cutting excellent grass in small and medium extensions, this machine supports the blade but gives the best with the flush head. It can be an excellent choice suitable for private users who use it quite frequently, but also for professional gardeners who are often called upon to mow well-maintained lawns, such as in the maintenance of condominiums.

Technical data of the STIHL FS 94 RC-E brushcutter

Displacement (cm3) : 24.1

Power: 0.9kW / 1.2hp

Dry weight (Kg.): 4.6

Mixing tank capacity (l): 0.54L

Length without cutting equipment (mm): 178cm

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