Stone fountains – Tips for my garden


The ideal furniture for your garden

Suitable for public and private spaces, stone fountains are available in a wide range of solutions, to satisfy everyone’s tastes: the style can be simple and essential or richer and more elaborate, also depending on the environment where they are placed. will be placed; the fountains can reproduce small streams or, for lovers of the most scenographic and spectacular effects, be associated with lighting systems to create games of light which, combined with the trickling of water, will guarantee results with a certain impact . If, on the other hand, you are looking for more exotic and oriental suggestions, you can indicate the creation of a Zen garden, through the use of aquatic plants, water lilies, bamboo canes, creating an aesthetic and evocative space suitable for rest and meditation,

The sources of the story

The ancestor of stone fountains modern.from the garden is the “nympheum”: it was a small sacred building dedicated to the nymphs, enriched with basins, plants and water games, where it was possible to rest and organize banquets. The nymphaeums almost always had a decoration composed of colored mosaics and shells; they could feature rural or marine themes and were closely related to the idea of ​​otium: the rest of the body as a precious opportunity to restore the spirit. From the Renaissance onwards, nymphaeums were replaced by “water theatres”, which often imitated the irregular surfaces of caves: very diverse materials were used for this, drawn directly from nature, such as shells, corals and pearls mentioned above. . . L’

DIY stone fountains

Almost all garden fountains are purchased already prefabricated and ready to be installed, which involves assembling the various parts that make them up, arranging them in the chosen location and connecting them to the water network. These operations are not too complicated for those who have a minimum of experience in the field and obviously allow a considerable reduction in costs: in this sense it should be noted that the prices of the sources from calculation they fluctuate a lot depending on the materials they are made of: the cheapest ones generally do not exceed 200 euros, but the cost can also exceed 1,000 euros, for example in the case of natural stone fountains, which are much stronger and more resistant to damage. severe weather. agents, not to mention those made by specialized artisans, which often represent rare and irreplaceable pieces of craftsmanship.

Stone fountains are generally the most resistant to atmospheric phenomena and wear; however, it is necessary to take some essential precautions to preserve its beauty and proper functioning for as long as possible; this is especially true if particularly delicate stones are used: in this case, it is useful to cover the fountain during storms and heavy rains. Moreover, whatever the weather conditions, it is a good idea to empty and clean the fountain at least twice a year, especially if algae forms inside: a fairly common phenomenon, but which, in the waterfall case, even could guarantee a better ornamental effect. Some fountains have thin tubes through which water flows,

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