Straw yarn, between permaculture and Slow Food Sentinel

A return to the land that goes from straw buildings, permaculture and Cabannina cows to the Slow Food Sentinel. Here we are talking about an eco-sustainable farm, born from the life choice of Marco and Francesca, who left antiques and the restaurant to start an organic and multifunctional farm, in the beautiful landscape of the Ligurian hinterland.

Straw: history of the farm

Marco and Francesca had a seafood restaurant for ten years, he was a chef and she was an antique dealer, a found waitress. The quality of the raw material was already neat, but the distance between the fields and the restaurant, as well as the arrival of their third child, pushed them to change their lives: they sold the restaurant and moved to a small village in the interior of Liguria built by his grandfather. After a well-deserved rest period, a question: how to continue? Francesca, a peasant mother from the interior, and Marco to be a chef on the coast for a few starred restaurants? Meanwhile, his two sons are of high school age and are finishing their studies as if they were travelers, remaining somewhat alone in the city. The first child decides to embark on studies of Naturopathy, the second will not finish the hotel school to really immerse himself in the world of work: he begins his gastronomic experiences in Liguria, then leaves for Milan and all over Italy. Europe. During this time, several projects turn in the head of Marco and Francesca.

They begin to enlarge the gardens, open a small “agristorante” in the neighboring village, then the idea: in an ecological magazine they read an article devoted to straw houses. Driven by the desire to achieve autonomy, they decide to build a house with a thatched roof with very high energy savings, to become the main structure of an activity that could combine their passion for cooking and their passion for agriculture: the farm.

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