Streptocarpus ‘Pretty Turtle’: Characteristics and Care

Cute Streptocarpus turtle plant is tropical

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He Streptocarpus ‘Pretty Turtle’ It is a beautiful plant, it is one of those that we would like to place in a place always in sight to be able to enjoy it and, why not?, to pamper it a little every day.

But what are its characteristics? And the most important, how should i take care of it? And of course, as we don’t know much, we can assume that he is exotic, and that therefore he will have somewhat special needs.


How is the Streptocarpus ‘Pretty Turtle’?

Lovely Streptocarpus tortoise flower has lilac flowers

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Plants of the genus Streptocarpus are herbaceous perennials native to Africa and neighboring Madagascar. Its size is relatively small, since they usually do not exceed 30 centimeters, this is what happens with the ‘Pretty Turtle’ cultivar. But how is our protagonist different from the others?

Neither more nor less than in the color of its leaves. Its nerves are whitish in color, which contrasts with the dark green of the rest of the limb.. In addition, the drawings that we see remind us of the shell of a turtle, which is why it is called ‘Pretty Turtle’ (this means pretty turtle in English).

the flowers are small, 1-1.5 centimeters, bell-shaped and lilac in color. They come from a small flower stalk, which grows in the center of the plant.

What care should be taken?

It is a herb that can last us for many years if we provide a series of treatments throughout the year. Therefore, I will tell you how you can make it survive:

Is it indoor or outdoor?

Cute streptocarpus tortoise leaves are green

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Before getting to the heart of the matter, you should know that the Streptocarpus ‘Pretty Turtle’ is very, very sensitive to cold and does not tolerate frost. As a result, I recommend growing it as a houseplant all year round, or at least through fall and winter. if you live in a place where temperatures drop below 10 degrees Celsius.

Another important detail that you should know is that it needs high air humidity and if it has to be indoors you should put it away from drafts.

Should it be in the shade or in the sun?

It needs a lot of (natural) light, but it is not a plant that should be placed in full sun.nor next to a window through which the sun’s rays enter directly.

In fact, its leaves are quite soft in that sense, as they burn easily because they are not prepared to withstand the impact of lightning so directly.

What type of soil or substrate does it need?

We are talking about a very special plant, so we will have to put the best soil we can find there. If it is going to be in a pot, it will be strongly recommended to plant it in one with a universal substrate of Fertiberia, Flower or similar; and if it is going to be in the garden, this type of soil should be rich in organic matter, with a spongy texture, and it should also drain water quickly.

When should it be watered?

Watering Streptocarpus ‘Pretty Turtle’ will be moderate, because it cannot stay long without water. Moreover, when you are very thirsty, you will immediately see that the leaves “fall”; but as soon as it is rehydrated, they return to their normal, healthy form.

But beware: If you are going to have it in a pot, it is very important that it has holes in its base., and that it is not inside a pot without holes. Even if you have a dish under it, you have to remember to always empty it after watering. It does not tolerate drought, but excess water in many cases ends in the death of the plant (whatever it is).

If in doubt, check the soil moisture with a stick. This way you will know if you need to add water or not.

When should it be paid?

Subscriber Season starts in spring and ends in late summer or early fall. The Streptocarpus ‘Pretty Turtle’, being a tropical plant, only grows with a minimum temperature of 10 degrees and a maximum of 30ºC, therefore it can be fertilized during the months when these temperatures are registered.

For this, it is necessary to use liquid fertilizers, since they are absorbed faster by the roots. For example, Compo universal fertilizer, or any other. Of course, read the instructions for use and follow them so that there are no problems.

When can it be transplanted?

If you want to plant it in the garden or in a larger pot, you need to do this when the roots start to grow outside the pot where are you now. In addition, the change must be made in the spring, when the temperatures are at least 18 ºC.

What do you think of Streptocarpus ‘Pretty Turtle’?

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