Tangerine Liqueur

Citrus fruits are excellent allies in the kitchen: precious ingredients that can give flavor to all dishes, from appetizers to desserts. In the tradition, there are also liquors prepared with their skin: in addition to the most famous limoncello, there is also the one based on mandarins, often called mandarinetto. A dark orange liqueur, very fragrant and sweet tasting; Preparing it at home is very simple, you just have to be patient and wait a few weeks.

By using the untreated mandarins from our plants, we will give ourselves a pleasant winter memory every time we open the bottles of mandarin liqueur prepared by our hands.

The recipe is very simple: infusion of alcohol and mandarin zest, just the orange zest without the white part. Then we take the time to rest, adding a syrup of water and sugar, a second rest and voila: bottles of alcohol ready to be shared at the table or offered to friends and family.

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