The 3 (real) best Bosch rotary hammers in 2022

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Drill more easily in concrete!

On a construction site or during a renovation, the drill, much more powerful than a simple drill, is theessential tool for efficient drilling in any material. But, which machine to choose according to your needs?

Whether you are a professional, a small craftsman or a simple passionate handyman, find out here My 3 Favorite Bosch Rotary Hammers make the right choice for your job!

rating 5 out of 5


Bosch Professional SDS-plus

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

professional bosch drill sds-plusPower and user protection, that’s what Bosch Professional SDS-plus offers. With its 880 W motor and percussion force of 3.2 joules (up to 900 revolutions/minute and 4,000 strokes/minute), this drill has everything to meet the expectations of professionals and individuals for fast drilling of all materials (up to 28 mm in concrete, 30 mm in wood or even 13 mm in steel). But above all it is equipped with the KickBack Control device which protects the user from injury: in the event of a sudden blocking of the drill, the device locks automatically. This device also reduces the vibrations felt through active damping, which improves wearing comfort. Delivered in its L-Boxx carrying case, it is finally accompanied by useful and essential accessories such as 2 chucks (1 interchangeable SDS-plus and 1 13 mm without key) as well as a depth stop.

My opinion : What I like the most about this Bosch Professional drill is that it strikes the right balance between the needs that one may have as a craftsman or as a DIYer. Even if its motor is even less powerful than professional tools (like the drill below), it is more than enough for most jobs, especially with a hole up to 28 mm in concrete! In addition, it is a machine that seemed very well designed to me: it is really not heavy, it is handy and with the two chucks provided, it is possible to use both classic drills and more specific for a specific job. For a tool of this caliber and quality, the price displayed is not exaggerated either: this SDS-plus has been my favorite perforator for some time now and I recommend it without hesitation for a second!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Bosch Professional SDS-max

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

bosch sds-max professional drillWith the Bosch Professional SDS-max rotary hammer, rapid progress on construction sites is guaranteed! Indeed, the device is equipped with an 1150 W motor associated with a powerful percussion mechanism (8.8 joules), which allows it to easily drill, even in concrete (up to 40 mm, and even up to to 90 mm with compatible bits). . It is also equipped with a Turbo function which improves its performance in chiseled mode. Equipped with Vibration Control technology, it transmits only a low level of vibrations, which allows it to offer a more pleasant use and generates less fatigue. The trigger can also be locked automatically when working for a long time. Compact and light enough for the performance it offers (6.8 kg), it is finally handy, both for work at height and in cramped places.

My opinion : If you’re a construction tradesman, need a tough, high-performance tool for your big jobs (or if you’re a serious DIYer who won’t compromise), this SDS-max is probably one hammer drill that won’t. won’t do the trick. no harm in seducing you. ! Apart from its price (which is simply representative of the professional range in which it is positioned), I found no fault with it. Its power is clearly there, the vibrations are well absorbed and the weight is quite reasonable. It’s also very easy to adjust: with a knob, you can easily choose the speed (up to 340 rpm) and cadence (up to 3050 strokes/minute) for optimal results. Whether at home or on a construction site, whether you need to create cable passage holes or do heavy work, I assure you that using this Bosch Professional is a real pleasure!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Bosch SDS-plus

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

bosch sds-plus drillPerfect ally for renovation work, the Bosch SDS-plus incorporates a 550W motor to drill, chisel and screw in different types of materials, whether concrete, wood, metal, etc. Thanks to its striking force of 1.7 joules, it is also not necessary to apply strong pressure to be effective. Equipped with the Vario-Lock system, the chisel can also be positioned in 36 different ways, always guaranteeing an ideal positioning with the wall and making the most of the power delivered by the device. The SoftGrip handle guarantees both optimal maneuverability and pleasant working, especially since the machine has a compact design and low weight (only 2.2 kg). Finally, it comes with a chuck in which it is possible to mount specific drills and classic drills to guarantee perfect versatility of use!

My opinion : This Bosch chisel drill is for me the ideal alternative if you have realized that a conventional drill is no longer sufficient for the work you do at home! Capable of drilling up to 20mm in concrete and with perfectly decent impact power for this price, it’s a tool that really knows how to come in handy when working around the house, whether it’s attacking a wall or cleaning old tiles, for example. I also liked the fact that it incorporates the SDS-plus system (quick change of the accessory without the need for tools) and that it accepts all types of bits, even the old bits that you may have. – be already at home. Even if the absorption of vibrations is not the same as in a more professional drill, it did not bother me, especially since the device is light and very manageable. If you are looking for an inexpensive tool to take your work to the next level, you can definitely turn to this one!

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