The 3 (real) best flat stairs in 2022

3 sections staircase

Stable, practical and versatile!

To work on a slope or access more safety at height, the convertible ladder is essential. It is both reassuring and solid.

Whether for your domestic work or for your professional needs, here is my selection of The 3 Best Airplane Ladders Of the market !

What is the best 3 plane staircase of 2022?

  1. tubesca – My favorite (max. 7.71 m)

  2. Face – Good value for money (max 5.94m)

  3. Dripex – Economical and telescopic (max. 3.6 m)

rating 5 out of 5



Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

tubesco 3 section staircaseWith an access height of 7.71 m! The Tubesca convertible ladder with 3 sections (10 + 10 + 10) has been designed to meet the expectations of professionals and individuals. Made of aluminium, it is able to withstand intensive use, in particular because it has cast aluminum joints, an enlarged base to give it perfect stability and a steel anti-unhooking arm to guarantee the safety of the user. On the safety side, precisely, semi-circular non-slip clogs are also present on its base and its running boards are also ribbed to prevent the shoe from slipping. Thanks to its design, it is possible to use it in different ways, even on floors of different heights since it has an integrated irregularity. Adding to its versatility, it’s easy to maneuver, provides a good grip, and at 21.4kg you can still move it at will. When folded, it is finally 3 m long and the maximum load it can support is 150 kg.

My opinion : This 3-section Tubesca ladder is clearly my favorite! The brand has an excellent reputation and it’s not hard to see why: it’s solid, the kind of material you invest in once and lasts for many years. Because yes, we are talking about an investment here, but it is clearly worth it. In addition to being able to climb very high (almost 8m in total, so the possibilities in terms of work are enormous), once on it you feel perfectly safe, probably thanks to the excellent finishes and the careful design. Straight floor, uneven, stairs, it is easier to install everywhere, and although it is obviously quite long when folded, it is not very complicated to store as long as you have a garage or ‘a workshop. We are clearly at the top of the range, but if you can afford it, I strongly advise you to do so, you won’t regret it at all!

rated 4.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

scale 3 facial planesFor indoor and outdoor work! Facal offers here a sliding staircase with 3 shutters (9+9+9) which reaches a maximum height of 5.94 m, enough to be useful for both individuals and professionals. All aluminum and very robust, the maximum authorized weight still reaches 150 kg, it meets all safety standards and this is reflected in particular by non-slip feet and a solid connection system which limit its size. Thanks to a patented articulation system, it can be used both on flat ground and on inclined planes, even stairs. When folded it is only 2.58m tall and weighs 15.2kg, it is quite easy to move it around and find a place to store it.

My opinion : This Facal is, in my opinion, one of the best quality/price ratios you can find! In addition to showing itself at a very affordable price, I find it to be a very good ladder, which guarantees almost all levels, whether practicality of use, maximum working height or safety. By allowing you to climb almost 6m high, it allows you to do different types of work, and the advantage is that once you’re on it, even at the top, you feel good: it’s perfectly stable and so very reassuring! Although the anti-spread system is not metal, it is strong enough that you can trust it completely. And even though the base isn’t flared, the non-slip pads do the job just fine. If you are tempted, do not hesitate, it is a good choice!

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

ladder 3 planes dripexTelescopic and multifunctional! Thanks to its patented convertible design, the Dripex is a ladder that allows different modes of use: it can take the form of a stepladder (for a maximum height of 4.7 m), a classic A-frame ladder (d height of 2.25 m), it can be transformed into a ladder and can even become a scaffolding system (1.25 m high) on which it is possible to place the 2 platforms provided. Versatile and ideal for a multitude of jobs, it is both strong and durable since it is made of aluminum alloy and is capable of supporting a weight of 150 kg. In detail, it is actually made up of 4 sections of 4 rungs, and each of these sections opens and closes perfectly and safely, without risk to the fingers. In addition, thanks to the rubber sleeves, the structure does not slip and, being very compact when folded, does not take up space and is easy to store.

My opinion : I wanted to show you this Dripex because it is clearly an original transformable ladder. We are no longer really there on 3 sides, but thanks to the versatility of use it shows, I think it has something to seduce you. In any case, I was quite impressed by all the possibilities it offers, and especially the fact that it does quite well in all areas. Of course, of course, it does not rise as much as other more sophisticated models with more steps, but it is very practical for painting ceilings, for example. For messing around the house, it’s the kind of tool that will always come in handy, and you’ll be grateful that when folded, this telescopic ladder doesn’t take up space and is just as easy to move thanks to its rollers. . It’s not expensive, I really recommend it without hesitation!

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