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A slightly more powerful version of the R40 lawnmower, the R43 is also a walk-behind lawnmower, and this one is a bit pricey. To secure ownership of this machine you will need to shell out around £480. Of course John Deere won’t make an expensive product or deliver a great product, and of course the R43 has specs that pretty much match its price.

For this we have a B&S 4-stroke engine with a recoil start that starts immediately with a simple pull on the cable. This mower is also quite powerful and is rated at 5.5 horsepower, which will cut through even the toughest grass and weeds you will encounter.

The mower is also very light and mobile. You are dealing with the same polyethylene platform which has a minimum duration guarantee of 15 years. It’s 43cm wide, so it’s still a small lawnmower, despite the powerful engine. Either way, the extra inch will help you get your job done faster. The mower has an adjustable padded handlebar for more comfort and the height of the cutting deck can also be adjusted (30-80mm). As with the R40, this is a central cutting height adjustment system.

Regarding the fillings, you have the option of packing them (45 liter bag) or unloading them. You can also buy a mulching kit, but this will significantly increase the price since the mower is already quite expensive. A neat little feature you get with this trimmer is that it has a pocket full LED indicator, a small but very useful thing.

Ultimately, the John Deere R43 lawn mower is definitely one of the best machines you can see on the market. It has a good reliable engine which makes the mower easy to mow. The 17-inch deck is perfect for suburban gardens, and the plastic deck makes it light and nimble, yet tough enough to take the punishment you’ll endure. It can’t mulch like the R40 and we don’t think it’ll be very profitable if you buy the mulching kit, but otherwise it’s a great mower.

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