The 3 (real) best shelters for logs and firewood in 2022

log shelter

Protected, tidy and within easy reach!

Being able to store the firewood right next to the house is very practical: the storage is clean and then it is very easy to feed the fireplace or the stove.

Depending on the size you are looking for and your budget, I let you discover my selection of best shelters for logs and firewood !

What is the best log shelter in 2022?

  1. Quick star XXL – My favorite

  2. XL fast star – Another good model of the brand, smaller and cheaper.

  3. Vounot – A cheap log carrier that does the job

rating 5 out of 5


XXL fast star

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

log shelter quick star xxlA stylish way to store a large amount of wood! XXL in size, this Quick Star shelter does not stop at half since it has a capacity of 2.3 m³: in addition to its 185 cm in length, it measures 70 cm in depth while its height, 175 cm in front, gains 10 cm to increase to 185 cm in the back. Ideal for firewood, it also stands out for its excellent weather protection. Indeed, it is supplied with 2 tarpaulins installed at the front and at the back and a central zipper, and it also has a roof made of 6 mm polycarbonate plates accompanied by an aluminum frame. As stable as it is solid, all the angles are reinforced and the powder coating guarantees excellent resistance over time. Lastly, it comes in kit form and comes with full instructions for easy assembly.

My opinion : This Quick Star XXL was the excellent surprise of my research! I was impressed with both the build quality and the overall capability. And that’s not to mention the almost complete protection that is included. So yes, depending on the direction of the rain and where you place it, the logs on the sides can get a little wet since the tarps don’t cover those parts. But that’s really the only detail that could criticize this model. The set is very robust, all the materials are solid and even the tarpaulins are quite thick and therefore absolutely not fragile. The protection is at the top, you can accommodate a very large volume of wood without having to struggle to store everything: at 185 cm high, it is within easy reach. As for the installation, nothing to say: it necessarily takes a little time but there is no obstacle to report. It’s definitely my favorite and I recommend it without hesitation!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Quick Star XL

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

Quick Star XL Log ShelterTo store a large number of logs in a practical and solid way! This XL version of the Quick Star shelters opts for a fairly generous size: with a length of 143 cm, a depth of 70 cm and a height of 145 cm, it is allowed to have a volume of 1.4 m³, i.e. approximately a stere and a half. Perfectly stable and robust, the structure is made of a mixture of steel and aluminum, with 40 mm legs, while the roof is made of polycarbonate sheets. Side panels and subframe are powder coated for durability. The charcoal lacquer color also gives it a contemporary look but is versatile enough to suit any home style. It is delivered disassembled, of course it is accompanied by all the instructions to easily carry out this step. Finally, note that the brand offers protection in the form of tarpaulins, in addition, for more complete protection of the trunks.

My opinion : Don’t you need as much storage space as the Quick Star I just showed you? Then this XL version might interest you more. In fact, it’s a shelter that has exactly the same design (with a very nice reproduction) and has exactly the same quality of manufacture. It is super solid, very stable, able to last for many years and even in terms of assembly it is very easy, without having to be a real handyman at heart. As its size is smaller, it is even offered at an even more attractive price, which is obviously not to be deplored! On the other hand, compared to the other, it is sold without the covers, which is a shame, unless you obviously do not intend to put them on. Due to its smaller size, it is still a good alternative!

rated 3.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 3.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

vounot log shelterEverything for a large capacity! This Vounot allows you to take advantage of 2 m in length to easily store all the firewood, especially since with its 36 cm wide structure, it can be used to store both small and large logs. Thanks to its side uprights, the whole thing stands up well, especially since the steel is solid and is capable of supporting a weight of up to 200 kg. Designed to be as practical as possible, it is deliberately raised by 18 cm so that the wood does not come into contact with the humidity of the ground and dries more quickly. To keep it always dry, it even comes with a tarpaulin that protects it from the weather. However, please note that this protective cover is only suitable for logs smaller than 36 cm. Finally, it is very easy to assemble: its various elements only require about ten minutes to set up!

My opinion : With this Vounot, we are more a log rack than a real shelter since the structure has no roof. And even though it comes with a cover, I have to admit it’s pretty poorly designed. It literally sticks to the structure, which means that to use it, it would be necessary to store a pile of wood 36 cm long, which is obviously impossible… If I wanted to present it to you, it does its job well and does not is not expensive at all. Also, in terms of its solidity, I have nothing to reproach it for: it is quite resistant. And as the set is really very quick to assemble, I think you will have no trouble finding a buyer, especially if you cannot afford too high a budget for this purchase!

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