The 5 best (real) orbital sanders in 2022

Orbital sander

For reforms and finishes!

Thanks to their rectangular pad, sometimes even pointed, these sanders are ideal for stripping flat surfaces and angles.

For professionals or individuals, I present below my selection of best orbital sanders Of the market !

rating 5 out of 5


Bosch Professional GSS 160-1A

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

Bosch gss 160-1a professional orbital sanderWith interchangeable sanding pads! To adapt to all working needs, the Bosch Professional GSS 160-1 A is versatile and comes with 3 platforms of different shapes and sizes: a triangular, a 140 and a 160. The ingenious clamping system also ensures perfect stability over time offering a change of abrasive. In addition to this great flexibility of use, it has also been designed to be comfortable to hold since it can be controlled with one hand and without fatigue thanks to its ergonomic handle. To avoid dust, it is finally equipped with a microfilter box with direct connection (slightly transparent to see when it needs to be emptied) and for immediate use, it is delivered with a set of 3 abrasive sheets to the dimensions of the plates.

My opinion : 3 in 1, hard to do better! If this Bosch Professional orbital sander is my favorite model, it’s because it has a specificity that almost no other has: its different sanding pads. And believe me, it makes all the difference at work when you can switch in the blink of an eye from a rectangular cap to a triangle cap for impeccable finishes. In addition, as is often the case with tools from this brand, we are sure of the excellent build quality. It’s powerful, it’s solid, it’s easy to handle, it doesn’t vibrate… a real pleasure to use. It could have offered a variable speed but it’s really a detail that does not spoil the very good impression it leaves. I highly recommend it, especially since it even comes with an L-BOXX for convenient storage!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Makita BO3711J

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

orbital sander makita bo3711jLight and handy for work that is as fast as it is efficient! Makita’s BO3711J Orbital Sander offers users its powerful 190W motor, which can move up to 11,000 orbits per minute. Thanks to the presence of a variator, this speed is obviously adjustable and in a very simple way since it is enough to increase the pressure on the trigger to accelerate and vice versa. In addition to its Soft Grip coating for better grip, the velcro attachment sole allows the use of velcro abrasive papers while the wide grippers guarantee an easy change of these papers. In addition to a MAKPAC hard case for neatly storing and transporting the tool at will, a dust bag is also included to limit its presence when stripping surfaces.

My opinion : Undoubtedly one of the best on the market! Makita is one of those most trusted tool brands, and they prove it once again here with this excellent quality orbital sander. In addition to its power, its adjustable speed and its solidity, I especially appreciated the fact that it is well balanced and therefore very manageable, even with one hand. I was also surprised how little noise it made once running, especially at low speeds, which made it even more enjoyable. Its small dust collection box works very well and is easy to remove and empty. We are clearly on an extremely well-designed professional machine that should have no trouble meeting the least of your expectations!

rated 4.5 out of 5

DeWalt DWE6411-QS

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

dewalt dwe6411-qs orbital sanderIdeal for surface finishes! With its 14,000 orbits/minute and 230 W, the DeWalt DWE6411-QS has all the power needed to help the most demanding professionals and individuals in their work. It is also equipped with a Velcro pad which, in addition to ensuring a quick change of abrasives, guarantees more efficient sanding and better dust evacuation. The machine also comes with its own dust bag and suction adapter for more comfortable use. Question comfort, the surfaces of the handle are textured, which allows at the same time to better control the device. Finally, it is equipped with clamps to accommodate any classic abrasive, and thanks to sealed ball bearings and a sealed switch, its longevity is guaranteed!

My opinion : Of all the orbital sanders on the market, this DeWalt is in my opinion one of the best value for money. Although it is presented at a more accessible price, especially for small craftsmen or those who only need this machine as an auxiliary tool, it has all the necessary power and the essential characteristics for quality work. It is certainly a little heavier than others, but it remains perfectly manageable (especially since its power cord is of a good length) and it can accommodate Velcro and conventional abrasives to wedge into the edges of your board. Too bad it does not come in a case to protect it and transport it more easily and that the adapter does not work on all brands of vacuum cleaners. However, it is still a very good option!

rating 4 out of 5

Black+Decker KA320EKA-QS

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

black+decker orbital sander ka320eka-qsTo quickly remove any excess material! The Black+Decker KA320EKA-QS orbital sander has a powerful 240W motor that allows it to be efficient in all types of sanding. With its variable speed (from 7,000 to 15,000 orbits/minute), it offers optimal control according to needs and surfaces, and its dual abrasive attachment mode (by pliers or self-gripping) offers great ease of use. . For safe and comfortable work, it is also equipped with 2 ergonomic and rubberized handles and opts for a compact and lightweight format to offer more control. Finally, it has a practical dust suction system thanks to its integrated bag which is obviously easy to empty and which allows you to work more cleanly, without the micro sawdust flying in all directions.

My opinion : For all your work at home, I recommend this Black+Decker! If you don’t need a machine with professional performance but you need it for all your DIY workshops, this orbital sander is a good compromise. During my test I was also surprised by its power and its adjustable speed, versatile enough to be able to install all kinds of abrasive papers, but also its dimensions and its lightness which allow it to be almost stealthy. Everywhere. However, its dust collection bag is not the most efficient and it is unfortunately not possible to connect a vacuum cleaner to it… However, it remains as ergonomic as it is practical, and for around fifty people. euros, this should be the one for you!

rating 4 out of 5

Einhell TC-OS 1520/1

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

orbital sander einhell tc-os 1520/1Perfectly suited to flat surfaces, the Einhell TC-OS 1520/1 comes to the aid of all DIY enthusiasts for quality sanding and successful finishes. In addition to its 150 W motor, it has a fastening system combined with velcro closures that allow the sanding papers to be put in place quickly and easily. Thanks to its ergonomic handle and its Soft Grip coating, comfort is assured, as well as precise handling and control of the device during use. The fact that it weighs just over a kilo makes it very light, which greatly increases its maneuverability. Note that it is also supplied with 3 sanding sheets for immediate use upon receipt and that a suction adapter is also supplied so that you can connect it to a vacuum cleaner to make the job cleaner and more pleasant.

My opinion : If you are looking for an inexpensive orbital sander for small renovations, stripping here and there and to bring nice finishes, look no further, this Einhell is the best you will find at this Reward ! Obviously, for around thirty euros it is not as powerful as the rest of the models in this selection, but in its category I find that it fulfills its function quite well. The fact that it is lightweight and compact also makes it very handy for sneaking into hard-to-reach places. It also has a good grip and is compatible with different types of abrasives, which is also a plus. It should be reserved for small jobs, but if you like to game and need a new machine to go with it, it’s fine!

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