The 6 (real) best wood and log carts in 2022

wooden cart and logs

For easier movement!

Thanks to their practical and generally metal structure, they make it almost effortless to bring your logs closer to your hearth.

Different models and sizes, to store or simply to transport, discover my selection of best wooden cars currently available!

What is the best wooden cart of 2022?

  1. Mermier – My favorite, practical and ultra solid (max. 100 kg)

  2. Deuba – Trailer truck for transporting garden logs (max. 550 kg)

  3. Jorge – Excellent value for money (max. 80 kg)

  4. Wolfcraft – A hand truck / multi-function trolley (max. 150 kg)

  5. Identification trolley – Very nice design and French manufacture.

  6. Grigno Tek – Sturdy natural wicker trolley

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Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

wood cart and mermier logsA 100% metal structure! The wooden trolley that Mermier offers here is equipped with both a platform and metal rings to give the assembly great solidity and allow it to load up to 100 kg of logs. Even the 50 cm long ones can also be placed securely and stably as they have a comfortable width of approx. 35 cm. Its dimensions have also been studied so that its maneuverability is optimal and its high handle can be carried naturally by hand. If it easily finds its place near the fireplace, in particular thanks to its simple and elegant aesthetics, it is also not afraid of the external elements since it benefits from anti-oxidation and anti-scratch protection.

My opinion : One of the best wooden carts I have ever owned! This Mermier was a great surprise: while it doesn’t necessarily indicate that it will be stronger than another on the surface, it actually shows no signs of weakening when you charge it. The steel used is really of excellent quality and the finishes are also impeccable. With its large arch on the front, it even allows you to load an interesting volume of firewood, enough to be very practical on a daily basis to supply the fireplace. And to top it off, it’s already assembled. I therefore recommend it without hesitation!

rated 4.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

wooden cart and deuba logsDozens of logs transported on each trip! This Deuba trolley opts for a trailer-type design to offer the possibility of transporting a large volume of wood. Thanks to its alloy steel structure, even heavy loads can be carried inside, as it is able to support up to 550 kg. Practical, its side walls can be lowered to facilitate the loading and unloading of wood and it even comes with a removable inner canvas that gives it more versatility (the carrying straps allow it to be used as a bag to transport dirt or sand for example). Finally, its large solid wheels make it easy to move on all types of soil, even in the garden.

My opinion : Perfect if you store your wood at the bottom of your garden! So clearly this Deuba is not the log cart you will have near your home, on the other hand it is ideal for bringing dozens of logs near your home at once to save time and reduce the effort required. . I especially appreciated that it was easy to handle and above all to steer with its large wheels which turned well and without difficulty. And although I haven’t tried the 550 kg, it’s the type of material that can also serve you all year round for gardening. Very useful then!

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

george's lumber and log cartBoth indoors and outdoors! Well designed, the Georges trolley makes it easy to move up to 80kg of wood thanks to its sturdy steel metal structure. This also allows the logs to be wedged to move them without falling and thanks to a width of 35 cm, the length of these logs can easily reach 50 cm without losing balance and stability. It also benefits from rubber tires which allow it to be moved without having to force it and also avoid scratching the tiles and other parquet floors once inside. Thanks to its minimalist design, it can even be left at home: it’s a real 2-in-1 accessory, useful both for moving and for storage.

My opinion : Great value for the price! This wooden trolley from Georges is another model that I really liked and it didn’t take me long to convince myself of its solidity. Although it does not come assembled, it is not difficult to assemble and although it is limited to 80 kg, it is enough to have a good volume of firewood near the fireplace. If it had taken advantage of a real solid platform, it would have been even more practical (especially for small pieces of wood), but it is still a very good option, especially at this price.

rated 4.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

wolfcraft wood and log cartMultifunction! With this ingenious model, Wolfcraft offers the perfect combination of wooden cart and hand truck. Usable in two different ways, it is ultra versatile, especially since its steel structure allows it to move very heavy loads (up to 150 kg in a wheelbarrow and up to 200 kg in a trolley). Easy and pleasant to handle, in particular thanks to its simple opening and its rounded crosspieces (useful for moving wood), it is also perfectly handy and its adaptable inclination allows it to climb a few steps without difficulty, ideal for taking it home. self. . . Finally, it has inflatable wheels for comfortable movement on any type of terrain, especially in the garden.

My opinion : Perfect if you are also used to DIY and gardening! By opting for a 2-in-1 design, this Wolfcraft cart is also a model that can be used all year round and not just when the fireplace is on. It is also smartly designed, and is of excellent quality while being very solid: you can load it as you see fit. Is that a little extra? Its inflatable wheels that allow you to go everywhere, even in gardens and rough terrain. It’s not perfect (its handles could have been more ergonomic, for example) but its practicality and versatility should convince you to try it.

rated 4.5 out of 5

identification basket

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

wood and log cartLarge load capacity! Because many fireplaces are fed with 50 cm logs, IDCart has entirely designed its cart to adapt perfectly to this format. Thanks to its 50 cm depth, 45 cm width and 95 cm height, the volume of wood it can store is even generous, enough to be useful near the fireplace. As it has both large ABS wheels and swivel wheels hidden under its tray, moving it is very easy and you don’t even have to get up when it’s loaded. Crafted from durable steel, it’s both stylish and strong, and it won’t shy away from scratches either, as it’s finished with protective epoxy paint.

My opinion : If I wanted to introduce you to this IDCart wooden trolley, it is because I find it incredibly elegant and, in my opinion, it is one of those that best manages to be both practical and aesthetic. With its beautiful forged steel frame, it is typically the kind of accessory that we do not try to hide, whether next to our fireplace or even our stove. in wood In terms of design, I have nothing more to reproach it with: its wheels to move it flat are super ingenious! It is true that it is quite expensive but it is French artisanal production and it is clear that you will not regret your investment.

rated 4.5 out of 5

Grigno Tek

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

nibble-tek wood and log cartA log cart does not have to be made of metal to be solid and practical, and Grigno-Tek has decided to prove it by offering this model entirely in wicker. Solidly braided for greater durability, it has a solid bottom to store a large volume of wood, especially since these dimensions and in particular its height of 65 cm allow it to accommodate logs of all sizes. Thought out down to the smallest detail, it also has a fixed handle that reaches a height of 106 cm for a comfortable grip, rubber wheels that allow it to be moved around the house and a metal kickstand that gives it perfect stability. Its traditional design finally harmonizes perfectly with the warmth provided by a fireplace.

My opinion : To choose for its little old-school look! If this Grigno-Tek is part of this selection, it is because it also manages to offer a little decorative touch while being obviously very practical. Of all the wicker models I’ve tried, their build quality is significantly superior and since the logs are placed vertically inside, it also saves you from having to bend over too far each time you have to pick them up. . (An interesting detail for people of a certain age). It’s not meant to be taken outside, but with its classic style, it’ll have no problem finding its place in your home. An interesting alternative to metal models!

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