The 7 Best (Real) Books About Plumbing in 2022

plumbing book

An essential space in the house!

Whether for technical learning or practical knowledge, the books are a wealth of information for successful installations and connections.

For students, artisans and handymen, here is my selection of best plumbing books !

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plumbing book the plumbing of gallauziaux and fedulloAbsolutely everything there is to know! The plumbing of Thierry Gallauziaux and David Fedullo makes the complete turn of this subject, evoking all the fields, that they are standards, know-how, processes or new materials. Written for private individuals who are embarking on a renovation project or who simply wish to be able to carry out the repairs themselves, it is a complete guide where everything is explained and where the many practical tips are illustrated by hundreds of clear and understandable diagrams. for optimal maintenance. realization of the Projects.

Description of tools and materials (including synthetics such as PVC, PER, PE, etc.), presentation of working methods, presentation of traditional techniques and innovative processes, the authors forget nothing and even go so far as to offer their views on plumbing-related topics to make this manual as practical as possible. Real instruction manual to complete your knowledge or to feel more comfortable in a hitherto unknown subject, it is very clearly the essential work of all the do-it-yourselfers who need a little theory before getting started. train.

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PEX, PVC and multilayer plumbing

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plumbing book pvc and multilayer plumbing by gallauziaux and fedulloBecause copper has competition! In PER, PVC and multilayer plumbing, Thierry Gallauziaux and David Fedullo are closely interested in these new materials which, in just a few years, have invaded the world of plumbing, in particular for waterfalls, waste water, stormwater and sanitary drainage. Always more efficient, they are at the same time easier to work with, which explains why they are becoming more and more widespread on all types of construction sites. And that is precisely why it is important to know them better!

With this guide, the two authors therefore return to all the installations that can now be made with these PVC, PER and multilayers (pressurized water supply pipe, heating circuit, etc.) by describing them in detail to better understand the possible applications. . the conditions of implementation are also illustrated by numerous diagrams for a perfect understanding. Although succinct (the guide is only 80 pages), it is certainly a good introduction to a better understanding of these now essential synthetic materials in plumbing.

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Guide to sanitary facilities

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plumbing guide for sanitary installations by lolliaA little memory aid in pocket format! Rony Lollia’s Sanitary Installations Guide has been designed to appeal to all types of public, whether they are students in training (CAP, Bac Pro, etc.), professionals or even handymen. By adopting a compact format, it allows you to always be at hand when it is necessary to carry out a compliant and functional installation, since it contains absolutely all the essential information given both in the form of texts and diagrams.

In detail, it refers in particular to the installation at the appropriate height of the sanitary appliances and to the waiting at the appropriate height also of the pipes. It also makes it possible to know the function and the location of the components of the fluidic networks, that is to say water and gas, by representing them in a real and symbolic way. Quite technical, this book is not necessarily intended for beginners in plumbing, but on the other hand, for others, it is very good for quickly finding the information you need, especially since it goes straight to the point without skip any information. . The kind of little book that fits perfectly in the toolbox!

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Treatise on sanitary and thermal installations

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book on plumbing, sanitary and thermal installations treated by charlent and agostiniMore than 800 pages of complete information! With Treatise on sanitary and thermal installations, Henri Charlent and Patrick Agostini are aimed exclusively at professionals and students in training who need to know plumbing down to the smallest detail in the field of sanitary installations. Ultra-exhaustive, and therefore too detailed for simple do-it-yourselfers embarking on a home renovation, for example, it still offers all the knowledge necessary to fully understand the different systems, enough to be comfortable and bring quality . . work during interventions.

As the plumbing profession is constantly changing, this is also the 17th edition of this guide, which has been revised and updated to take into account the latest standards and regulatory changes. This update also highlights the important points more and also reviews the evolution of the tools and materials used (synthetic materials, sealing resin, modern equipment, etc.). To study, update or deepen your knowledge, this is an excellent book that does not get lost in complex subjects, enough to be accessible to all.

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Dimensions of domestic sanitary and thermal installations.

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plumbing notebook dimensions of domestic sanitary and thermal installations by lolliaA summary of the training of professional establishments and training centers! Dimensions of domestic sanitary and thermal installations by Rony Lollia is a 100% practical guide for students of CAP, BAC and professional patents, plumbers and heating engineers but also individuals who are renovating a home or embarking on self-construction. An essential point is detailed, which is the correct sizing, oversizing leads to increased costs and wasted energy while undersizing causes excessive stress on the installations and premature wear.

To be as complete as possible on this subject, it deals with all domestic installations, whether in houses or apartments, but also sanitation, water and gas networks, hot water production, mechanical ventilation, etc. Thanks to pre-calculated size charts and numerous examples and illustrations, you also know how to make yourself useful, especially since all the explanations are clear and you know how to be precise and concise. To teach you how to size installations quickly and easily, this is definitely the book you need!

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Plumbing and accessory connections

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book plumbing and connection to choubry and roberjot appliancesEdited and published by the CSTB, Scientific and Technical Center for Building! Connections plumbing and household appliances, co-written by Michel Choubry and Jean-Pierre Roberjot, deals, as its name suggests, with the installation of plumbing pipes at home. It also explores this subject in all its forms, whether metal tubes and synthetic materials or bare tubes, in sheaths, pre-sheathed, in supports, etc. He also takes the time to properly describe the important steps by identifying the risk points upstream, during selection, design and installation.

Richly illustrated to guide professionals and do-it-yourselfers, it allows you to choose between exposed, hidden or even embedded pipes, helps with sizing networks and is useful for installing collectors. Thanks to many clear and easy to understand explanations, this helps to avoid design errors and subsequent damage. And while it’s a theme found in the more general works in this selection, it’s thought out well enough to serve when the time comes.

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The easy DIY manual

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plumbing book the easy diy manual by pessey.To do everything yourself in the house! With Christian Pessey’s Easy DIY Manual, we move away from the strict world of plumbing to immerse ourselves in all the areas that we can face when owning our own house, that is i.e. carpentry, masonry, tiling, floor and wall coverings, insulation. , heating, roofing, electricity, etc. In this guide, the author presents all the most useful DIY techniques to maintain your fireplace and tackle all the jobs, even the most complex ones.

To do this, it relies in particular on 500 technical gestures which apply to the different universes which have just been mentioned, as well as on numerous diagrams and illustrations which guide you step by step to succeed in all these small projects. In addition to being extremely comprehensive (it even explains how to change the blades of certain tools), you benefit from clear explanations and practical advice. Thanks to its more than 250 pages, it is the essential guide for all those who like to have fun and can also be of interest to all those who want to save money by avoiding having to resort to professionals.

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