The Best Fertilizer Brands for Marijuana

The cultivation of marijuana or cannabis has taken on different aspects and cultivation interests. Although on the one hand the cultivation for purely personal purposes continues to be on the agenda, there is also another interesting part that is gradually increasing the number of hectares of plantation, and that is medical cannabis . At this point we find a good range of low-THC and high-CBD medicinal strains, the active ingredient of which has been shown to offer many medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Depending on the objective sought, the conduct of the crop and especially the use of different sources of fertilizer conditions the quality and volume of the harvest.

Whatever the interest of the culture of cannabis sativa, In this article, we present to you the top fertilizer brands and the differentiating characteristics of each of them.

The growing cannabis is very technical, and it includes parameters such as ventilation control, lighting, CO2 and, of course, conductivity control in fertilizer application. For this reason, among the wide range of fertilizers for this crop that can be found on the market, the supply of organic fertilizers of natural origin and contain different sources of organic matter.


Best Fertilizers for Growing Marijuana or Cannabis

Advanced Nutrient Fertilizers

Advanced nutrients are one of fertilizer brands for the professional sector best-selling market, since they have a very extensive and complete catalog of products, concerned with reducing the excessive consumption of salts and the perfect pH controlsomething very important when growing on non-organic substrates.

With more than 30 years of experience, it stands out by offering fertilizers rich in organic matter (fulvic acids), energetic amino acids and surfactant technology to reduce the salinity of the substrate and promote root development.

Biobizz fertilizer line

Biobizz is a well-known brand in the sector, with mainly liquid fertilizers that cover all phases of cultivation.

It stands out for its simplicity of use, with generic formulas that cover all the plant’s needs, such as Organic cultivation in the growth phase or BioBloom in bloom.

For those less experienced in this area, you can also buy complete paxes in small format to test more efficient mixes and subscriber configurations.

What mainly distinguishes the Biobizz brand is that it generates a very related to organic and ecological productionusing recycled materials and naturally derived nutrients.

Hesi Fertilizer

Hesi is also a well-known Dutch fertilizer brand with specific formulas for growing marijuana.

It is distinguished mainly by the simplicity of preparation and the use of its formulations, with a magnificent value for money where organic components of natural origin such as amino acids, sugars and enzymatic groups are incorporated.

One of the most outstanding products in its catalog is Hesi Boost, a powerful flowering activator that contains enzymes, vitamins and sugars from different sources.

cannabis fertilizer

Fertilizer Agrobacteria

Agriculture has undergone a profound change, positioning itself on the side of manufacturers of organic products and biofertilizers, composed of natural microorganisms which promote root development and facilitate the availability of water and nutrients from the substrate to the plant.

The Agrobacterias brand specializes in the use of different components that protect the plant from pests and diseasesalways based on solutions from organic and low-impact sources.

One of the best known is bactofleura collection of different microorganisms whose application stimulates the growth and production of the marijuana plant.

Canna fertilizer line

Canna is another well-known and well-developed cannabis fertilizer brand in the market, as it has trade since 1994.

Its product range is extremely complete and offers a solution to any problem and need that may exist throughout the cultivation cycle.

Canna’s alma mater is her product Cannaboostone of the best sellers on the market and considered a universal bloom booster to increase bud size and yield.

Canna was also one of the pioneering companies in the use substrate cleaners like Canna Flush, which contains active components that reduce the concentration of salts and heavy metals in the substrate to reduce plant stress.

BAC fertilizer (Biological Activated Cocktail)

This Dutch company began to market its products in 2002, being a pioneer in offering a highly technical crop and helping growers to increase their production.

In recent years, BAC has specialized in offer biological solutions of all kindsusing components unknown to the sector, such as different groups of sugars, alfalfa extracts, biological ferments, rock flour or Kalivinasse.

If you don’t know where to start, you can also purchase a starter kit known as the ORGANIC STARTERS KIT.

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