How to Decorate Dried Pumpkins: Ideas and Tips

Dried pumpkins can be decorated in many ways

When pumpkin season begins, kitchens are filled with these vegetables. With them we can create a wide variety of dishes, such as creams, cakes, sauces, sweets and many more. In the gastronomic world, there are multiple recipes where pumpkin is the main ingredient. However, this delicious vegetable is not only used to satisfy our appetite, but also to decorate the house, provided that it has been previously dried. So that you know how to do it yourself, we will explain how to decorate dried pumpkins

It is a very fun task and suitable for the whole family. Especially on Halloween it is an ideal and festive pastime for the little ones. So that you can do this without problems, We will tell you how to dry pumpkins and, to inspire you, we will comment on some ideas to make them really beautiful. If you like crafts and want to try something different, you’ll love it.


How to dry pumpkins to decorate?

Decorating dried pumpkins is a very popular Halloween task.

Before giving you some ideas and tips for decorating dried pumpkins, you have to know how to dry them first, Nope? Let’s see what are the steps to follow to complete this task:

  1. Choose the pumpkins: It is important that these vegetables are ripe and their stem is at least three centimeters. The latter is essential, as pumpkins remove moisture through it. Another thing to keep in mind is that the bigger the pumpkin, the longer it will take to fully dry out.
  2. Wash the pumpkins: Once we have chosen the pumpkins, it is time to wash them well to remove the remains of earth and dirt that they may have. This task should be done with soap and warm water. You can do this without fear of damaging these vegetables, as their shell is very strong and hard.
  3. Let them sit in a mixture with bleach: After the first wash, it’s best to put them in a mixture of hot water with a little bleach, no more than a lid. There they should rest for about twenty minutes. Then we have to wash them again with cold water.
  4. Dry the pumpkins: When it comes to drying these vegetables, we need to find a place inside the house that has good air circulation and where the sun shines on them, if possible. While it is true that pumpkins can also be dried outside, they can be invaded by insects there. Once a week, the vegetables should be turned over so that the supported part also dries.
  5. Dry the pumpkin (alternative): Another way to dry gourds is to hang them on a sturdy structure. This technique is much more comfortable, because they dry evenly, so there is no need to turn them over.

How long does it take to dry a pumpkin?

Once the pumpkins are already dry, how long can it take? It usually takes several weeks to dry completely. However, this will mainly depend on its size. Thus, small pumpkins dry out much earlier than larger ones.

To know if a pumpkin is already dry, you have to look at its appearance. It will have a much duller color than when it started. In addition, it will be light and appear hollow inside. In fact, many times when shaking the gourd, you can hear the seeds inside, as if it were a maraca.

How to Decorate Dried Pumpkins: Ideas

To decorate dry pumpkins with paint, the most recommended is acrylic

Now that we know how to dry pumpkins, let’s see some ideas for decorating them once they are dry:

  • To paint: What gives us more play is painting the pumpkins. We can do it as we see fit. Some options would be to paint shapes, use different colors, also color the stem, draw skulls or faces, etc.
  • Glue decorative elements: With or without paint, another option is to decorate the pumpkins by sticking decorative elements on the surface, such as pebbles, balls or diamonds, among others.
  • To cut: The most traditional way to decorate pumpkins is to carve them. The faces are usually made for Halloween, usually scary. However, we can prune them however we want. Other ideas for replacing faces would be, for example, patterns. If we also empty the pumpkins inside and place a candle inside, we can create a beautiful decorative element.
  • Decorate with fabrics: Whether painted or not, what can be great is placing fabric, such as tulle or guipure, over the surface of the pumpkin. It can be fixed with a knot or with glue, or simply placed at the top, held by the stem.
  • Create a mini showcase: So that the pumpkin can house a very small window, you have to cut off one side and take advantage of this opening to introduce the elements you want. These can be small plants, figures, stones and whatever comes to mind, and create a showcase, a representation of something or a small garden.

Why is the pumpkin associated with Halloween?

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Why is the pumpkin associated with Halloween?

When placing our artwork, it’s best to find a place where they stand out. The smaller pumpkins can be used as centerpieces or to decorate shelves, and the larger ones for entertaining guests at the entrance of the house, next to the pots or in the nooks and crannies of the house.

What paint is best for painting pumpkins?

In case we decide to paint our dried pumpkins, It is best to use acrylic paint. If we don’t have this type at home, we can try the one we have in a small piece of pumpkin, to see if it paints and holds well. A little help would be to apply a sealer before you start painting the pumpkin. Using a brush, we can distribute it evenly over the surface. In this way we will ensure that the paint adheres better. Of course, you have to wait for the sealant to dry completely before applying the paint. Once the paint has also dried, we can apply another coat of sealer to fix the design.

What do you think of these ideas on how to decorate dried pumpkins? I hope they have been an inspiration to you! If you haven’t tried making your own pumpkin designs yet, I recommend giving it a try. It’s a very fun task that gives very nice and personalized results.

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