The best plants for Christmas

It’s always fun to give a pretty plant, whether as a Christmas gift, for a birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or just to make someone happy. In this humble article we want to show you plants with which you will always be right, or at least those that we would like to receive as a gift.


1 Tillandsias

Tillandsias as a gift.

Commonly called air plants They are plants that grow linked by roots to trees. The roots serve only as a support, literally absorbing water and nutrients from the air, through the leaves. These little ones are great to give to people who aren’t used to caring for plants, as they are very easy to care for and they simply look beautiful.

In the image above you can see the one I gave my mother for her birthday in the tillandsias of Egoi. My mother is a disaster and it must be said that she loved it.

2. Bonsai

Bonsai as a gift

Bonsai trees such as bonsaifikus are ideal as gifts for those who want a fresh and easy to care for plant. With a low but thick trunk, it really looks like a small tree. Do not hesitate to combine your bonsai with a pretty pot.

3. An orchid

Orchid as a gift

Orchids are among the favorite flowers of Swedes, which is easy to understand. But did you know that there are many unusual orchid varieties that really stand out and are perfect as gifts for those who like a little different? Some examples are the light blue “Royal Blue” orchid, the various “Wild White” hybrids or the spectacular “Firebird” dendrobium orchid. The orchid feels best in an orchid pot, for example, glass. Keep in mind that the orchid is sensitive to winter cold, so pack it well if it needs to be transported in the winter.

Allow Orchid Nutrition:

  • If the plant has little growth
  • If the leaves are discolored or mottled

4 Venus flytraps

carnivorous plant gift

A carnivorous plant on the windowsill is the perfect gift for the person who isn’t interested in plants these days. The Venus Flycatcher with its serrated “jaws” is truly a standout green plant, and it really does catch flies for real! Anyone who has ever played the Super Mario Bros. video game. definitely recognizes the Venus Flytrap as the dangerous flowers in the green tubes.

5. Spurge Cactus

Cacti as a gift

Euphorbia isn’t really a cactus scientifically, but with its bright green spiny appearance, it’s for most of us exactly what we think of when we think of cacti. Cacti are becoming more and more popular and are very easy to maintain. They are excellent as a gift for those who want modern and green elements in their interior. Other fun cacti to give as gifts are the coral cactus and the ball cactus. Do not hesitate to associate the cactus with a pretty indoor pot as a finishing touch.

6. Elephant Ear

Elephant ear as a gift

The number one growth trend of recent years. The Elephant Ear is so easy to care for that it really suits everyone regardless of degree of green fingers and a guaranteed appreciated gift for someone who loves plants. A true classic that has gained momentum again.

7.Aloe vera

Aloe vera as a gift

The Aloe Vera plant is extremely easy to care for and has thick, eye-catching leaves. Aloe vera is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in human history, as well as being a beautiful potted plant. In ancient Egypt it was nicknamed the “Plant of Immortality”, a great gift for someone you want to wish a long and healthy life!

8. Finished grow kit for tomatoes, peppers or other vegetables.

tomato and chilli

Everything you need to start growing indoors in winter. Sow seeds and plant already during the winter months on the kitchen counter or on the balcony. A perfect gift for those who want to be able to grow at home in a small area and enjoy the feeling of possibly eating their own harvest. Feel free to combine the gift with some nice plant lighting so you can grow during the darker months of the year.

9. A small palm tree

mini palm tree gift

Palms don’t have to be huge: the mountain palm, barely a decimeter tall, is a lovely plant to have as a small interior accent, or does well in an empty spot on a shelf. Complete with a cute mini pot and you have an optimal gift!

10. Pineapple flower “Primera”

Pineapple flower as a gift

A truly out-of-the-ordinary flowering houseplant with delightfully marbled leaves and a majestic pink flower. It’s also easy to maintain! A gift for someone who likes to stand out from the crowd.

10. Your own olive tree


Let the dream of the Mediterranean live all year round with your very own olive tree. The olive tree requires care and plenty of sun and warmth, but over time it can provide edible olives even in the northern climate. A fun gift that matches fashion!

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