Three mistakes to avoid when gardening

Everything does not always go as we would like and it is not always the climate or the soil that is in question.

In the daily actions carried out in the garden, there are small precautions to take to avoid damaging our plants.

We present you three typical errors that it costs nothing to avoid, it is enough to know them not to commit them. No one is born with a green thumb, it’s the little things that make the difference and you learn it.

There are three simple things, being careful costs nothing, it allows you to have better harvest results and prevents the formation and spread of horticultural plant diseases that can ruin your work.


Error 1. Watering with too cold water

Error : If you turn on the tap in August and water with the water hose, you may cause damage. Be careful during the hottest summer months and avoid using water that is not at room temperature: very cold water causes heat shock for the plants. The change in temperature can stunt plant growth for a few days, especially smaller ones, and newly transplanted plants are susceptible.

How to avoid it : if you collect rainwater in cisterns you do not have this problem, the same if you have a drip irrigation system (cold water is heated by the pipes. If you use water from the tap, make sure it is not too cold. When it is very hot, it is better to keep buckets or containers to store the water and not use it directly from the pipe.

Mistake 2. Spreading diseases with gardening tools.

The Mistake: You might not know it, but garden tools are one of the main vectors of garden plant diseases. If you use secateurs or a knife to prune or harvest, be careful: by cutting a diseased plant, you can continue the work and spread the disease throughout the garden. In this way, bacterial diseases, viral diseases and fungal diseases are transmitted very easily.

How to avoid it: just be a little careful, if you see suspicious plants with yellowed or blackened parts or with mold or rot, use different tools than those used on healthy plants or disinfect tools between plants.

Mistake 3. Planting too close

The mistake. Putting seeds too close together and not thinning out at the right time is a mistake. First, plants that are too close will steal light, water and nutrients and will not grow properly. Keeping the soil free of weeds will also be a problem, and dense vegetation will promote plant rot and disease.

How to avoid it: it is important to respect the correct planting distances. When sowing or transplanting, you have to think of a sixth plant that takes into account the development of the plant, find on our site the right distances to respect between the different horticultural plants, take them into account and when in doubt put a few less plants, remembering that those who want too much do not press anything.

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